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English language titles of Dr Bukar Usman: *BIU EMIRATE STUDIES SERIES (BESS): *Girl-Child Education in Biu Emirate: the Early Years (BESS 001) *Language Disappearance and Cultural Diversity in Biu Emirate (BESS 002) *A History of Biu (BESS 003) *CREATIVE WRITING: *The Bride Without Scars and Other Stories *The Stick of Fortune *Girls in Search of Husbands and Other Stories *The Hyena and the Squirrel AUTOBIOGRAPHY: *Hatching Hopes *My Literary Journey PUBLIC POLICY BOOKS: *Voices in a Choir: Issues in Democratisation and National Stability in Nigeria *Globalisation and the World after Mubarak and Gadaffi *Democracy, Human Rights and National Stability *The Interface of the Muse and Government Protocol *Press, Policy and Responsibility *Dreams and Realities: Issues in Nigerias Golden Jubilee Anniversary COMMENTARY: Folklore and History: Twin Rivers of World Heritage


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When his first book of short stories, The Bride without Scars and Other Stories, dropped into the Nigerian literary scene in 2005, no one foresaw the deluge of over 20 books and scores of articles which Dr Bukar Usman would write within the next seven years.

His publications during this period, among others, are his highly-applauded 365-page autobiography, Hatching Hopes; his literary biography, My Literary Journey; and two volumes of his Biu Emirate Studies Series, Girl-Child Education in Biu Emirate and Language Disappearance & Cultural Diversity in Biu Emirate. His other publications include Folklore and History: Twin Rivers of World Heritage, four English-language short-story books (which, together, contain 26 short stories), 15 books of folktales written in Hausa, and scores of brilliant newspaper articles that validate his passion for people-centred public policy.

His forthcoming books include A History of Biu (his beloved home town and historic hub in north-eastern Nigeria), A Treasury of Nigerian Tales: Themes and Settings, and an analytical book on public service administration in Nigeria.

This incredible array of works that delve, with uncommon wisdom, into key issues of life and mount socially-acceptable signposts are the result of Dr Usman’s redirection of his public-service reputation for competence and efficiency to his post-retirement passion for community service and the restoration of our heritage of folktales; and for socio-cultural research and creative writing.

Here, Dr Bukar Usman, writer, folklorist, and public-policy icon, is delighted to share with you his thoughts, as captured in his publications. He would also be elated if you could share your own ideas with him and other folks by being his Facebook friend or following him on Twitter. Be part of the unusual interaction he enjoys with his readers across the world.


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