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Welcome to the Folktales home page of bukarusman.com. Here, you will be delighted with Dr. Bukar Usman's stories and critical appraisals on them. Also in this section, we will acquiant you with background information related to the theme, setting, characterisation and imagery associated with some of the stories, among other issues. All of these, we hope, will make the reader appreciate better the import of the stories as well as help in generating comparative associations with folktales from other climes. For Hausa readers and institutions, such as universities, research centres and broadcasting stations, there is a sub-section on Dr. Usman's Hausa language stories.

Folktales Section (Click any of the sub-headings below to go to the page)
Read one of Dr. Bukar Usman's English language folk stories and post a comment at the end of the story. 
Read one of Dr. Bukar Usman's Hausa language short stories and post a comment at the end of the story.
Bukar Usman's Stories: reviews, comments, sociological data, cultural and historical backdrop...
Short stories, comparative observations, discussion forum, and cross-cultural insights by contributors from within and outside Africa
For young people across the world who wish to add some value to their school lessons in story-writing. Teachers of upper primary and secondary school English composition classes will find this feature helpful. Useful exercises accompany each topic treated.


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