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About Dr. Bukar Usman Foundation

(RC. 196505)


1. Introduction

The Dr. Bukar Usman Foundation was incorporated in 2008 (CAC/IT/NO 28751). Its founding President is Bukar Usman, D.Litt, OON, a retired permanent secretary in the presidency and current President, Nigerian Folklore Society.

    After his retirement from his nation's public service in 1999, Dr Bukar Usman, the Foundation's President, dedicated his time to creative writing, folklore revival in Nigeria, and the provision of culture-inspired reading materials for Nigerians. He realized that reading culture in Nigeria had alarmingly declined and there was scarcity of locally-authored supplementary literature. Rather than join the bandwagon of people simply complaining about the situation, Dr. Usman preferred to do something about it. He took it upon himself to unearth and retell folktales for Nigerian schools, and began the exercise with his area, Biu in Borno State, North-Eastern Nigeria.

The main objectives were:

  • To collect for preservation folktales from oral tradition as the first school of the child in pre-formal education in traditional societies. This is particularly necessary as the culture of oral tradition is dying out.
  • To draw from the moral traditions inherent in the tales for the benefit of the children.
  • To promote cross-cultural understanding.
  • To provide reading materials with familiar examples for education and entertainment of the child and the adult.
  • To promote the art of story-telling.
  • To present through multi-media folktales around the world for the enjoyment of everyone.

    In the course of undertaking that enormous task in literary research and publications, Dr. Usman interacted more closely with the local people and saw the need to work out a coordinated way of supporting and uplifting them as much as he could. He decided to establish a foundation with a set of objectives that would include catering for the welfare of the indigent, human capacity development as well as folklore revival and cultural promotion. Thus was born the Dr Bukar Usman Foundation.

    Since its incorporation, effort has been made to put the organization on a proper footing to face anticipated challenges in its identified areas of services to mankind.


2. Board of Trustees:

 The Dr. Bukar Usman Foundation is run by a ten (10) member registered Trustees whose names and brief bio-data are as follows:

1. Dr. Bukar Usman, OON, the President of the Foundation is an alumnus of King's College Lagos and Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and a former Permanent Secretary in the Presidency. He is currently Director of several companies.

2. Mrs. Raliat Dupe Usman a Trustee and Secretary of the Foundation is a professional Secretary and Caterer. She is the Managing Director of Dupcy's (Nigeria) Limited and Creamland (Nigeria) Limited.

3. Chief Dennis Onyemaechi Odife a Trustee is an alumnus of King's College Lagos and Columbia University in America. An Economist, a Banker, a Stockbroker, a former University don and author of several books, Chief Odife is currently the Chairman Centrepoint Investment Limited and Upland Natural Waters Ltd as well as Chairman of the Governing Council of the International Centre for Economic, Social and Public Policy Analysis and Research (ICESPAR), Onitsha. He is also Director in several companies.

4. Professor Osatohamwen Frank Giwa-Osagie, OON, a Trustee is an alumnus of King's College Lagos and Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The pioneer Chairman of the National Hospital, Abuja and past President of the West African College of Surgeons, Professor Giwa-Osagie is currently a Consultant at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, the proprietor of Omni Medical Centre & Advanced Fertility Clinic Onikan, Lagos and Chairman Marina Medical Services (HMO) Limited.

5. Chief Ebitimi Emmanuel Banigo a Trustee is an alumnus of King's College Lagos, State University of New York and Harvard University, USA. An Economist and a Banker by profession, Chief Banigo was former Minister of Science & Technology.

(6) Arc. Usman Karaye Umaru a Trustee is an alumnus of the Odessa Institute of Engineering, USSR. An Architect by profession, Arc. Umaru is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of D&B Ltd, a Design and Build Firm, based in Abuja.

(7) Dr. Fiama Diggira Mshelia a Trustee is an alumnus of the University of Lagos and former Chairman of the National Eye Centre, Kaduna. A Medical Practitioner by profession, Dr. Mshelia is the proprietor of Fuma Clinic in Kaduna and Director in several companies.

(8) Pastor Samuel Osivwemu a Trustee is an alumnus of the Auchi Polytechnic, a Chartered Accountant, a Pastor and a Banker by profession. Pastor Osivwemu is currently the Managing Director of Utako Micro Finance Bank, Abuja.

(9) Alhaji Abdu Usman a Trustee is an alumnus of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. A professional Accountant, Abdu Usman is currently the Permanent Secretary Borno State Ministry of Finance, Maiduguri.

(10) Mrs. Kehinde Mopelola Adebutu a Trustee is an alumnus of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital and a Lab Technologist by profession.


3. Headquarters of the Foundation

The Foundation has its office address at No. 20 (Plot 637) Kwame Nkrumah Crescent, Asokoro, Abuja.


4. Motto:

The Foundation's Motto is: Service to Humanity.


5. Mission:

The Foundation's Mission is: To make life more meaningful to others.


6. Aims And Objectives:

The Dr. Bukar Usman Foundation was registered as a charity organization with the following aims and objectives:

(a) To assist the needy financially and in kind, in all manner of circumstances, more especially with respect to welfare and empowerment of widows, orphans, orphanages,  the sick, physically challenged persons, treatment centres, diseases eradication schemes, victims of disasters, and educational pursuits of the less endowed in the society.

(b) To organize seminars, workshops, conferences, interactive sessions and vocational training in furtherance of the Foundation's overall objectives.

(c) To collaborate with individuals and organizations locally and internationally towards the promotion and sustainability of the Foundation's objectives.

(d) To aid other charitable organizations in their efforts.

(e) Accept offers and donations from individuals and organizations.

(f) To carry out other activities which, in the opinion of the trustees, are in furtherance of the organization's objectives.

(g) To acquire, own or otherwise hold interest in any property, including land and have rights, title, license and interest in any property whatsoever and use them or their proceeds for charitable purpose.


7. Funding

So far, the activities of the organization are being funded by the Foundation's president and his family in anticipation of contributions by public-spirited individuals and organizations.


8. Initiatives in Development and Publication of Cultural Fiction

As earlier noted in the introduction, literary and folkloric development was one of the fundamental objectives behind the establishment of the Foundation. Most of the researches in this regard have been spearheaded by Dr Usman himself and several story books, written in English and Hausa, have been published as shining proofs of the fruitfulness of his determination to provide culture-oriented reading materials for Nigerians.

The Education Resource Centre (ERC) in Abuja had recommended some of the books to be used in school's syllabus in the Federal Capital Territory. Some other schools within and outside Nigeria, in appreciation of his efforts have recommended some of the books for studies. The Foundation has ensured that more Nigerian students have access to the books by donating them to many schools.

Dr Usman's story books, including English and Hausa publications, are as follows:


  • The Bride Without Scars and Other Stories (Klamidas 2005)
  • The Stick of Fortune, (Klamidas 2006)
  • Girls in Search of Husband and Other Stories (Klamidas 2006)
  • The Hyena and the Squirrel, (Klamidas 2006)
  • Marainiya - (Gidan Dabino, 2005)
  • Jarumin Sarki "
  • Yarima Da Labbi "
  • Tsurondi "
  • Sandar Arziki "
  • Dankutungayya "
  • Gwaidayara - (Gidan Dabino, 2009)
  • Dan Agwai Da Kura "
  • Tsohuwa Da `Yan Mata Uku "
  • Dankucaka "
  • Al'ajabi "
  • `Yargata "
  • Duguli Dan Bajinta "
  • Muguwar Kishiya "
  • Taskar Tatsuniyoyi (Littafi Na Daya Zuwa Na Goma Sha Hudu a Hade) Gidan Dabino, 2012.


9. Development and Publication of Cultural Non-Fiction

Digging up folktales from the cultural mines of Biu area reawakened in Dr. Usman scholarly interest in matters of non-fictional, though essentially folkloric nature. His folktales research expanded his horizon into language, education and history, three inter-linked cultural issues within which folk stories are embedded. Captivated by initial findings in these three areas, Dr. Usman upgraded the scope of his research to cover their deeper non-fictional dimensions. It took him several years of research to develop standard publications in these areas of study.

     As at December 2015, the following authoritative reference books had emerged:

  • Girl-Child Education in Biu Emirate: the Early Years (Education), Klamidas 2014
  • Language Disappearance and Cultural Diversity in Biu Emirate (Language), Klamidas 2014
  • A History of Biu (History), Klamidas 2015


     Dr Usman's earlier non-fiction works, all but two of which were published before the takeoff of the Foundation in 2008, are:  

  • The Interface of the Muse & Government Protocol (Literature/Criticism), Klamidas 1998
  • Press, Policy & Responsibility (Media), Klamidas 1998
  • Democracy, Human Rights and National Stability (Politics/Development), Klamidas 1999
  • Voices in a Choir: Issues in Democratisation and National Stability in Nigeria (Compilation of articles with notes), Klamidas 1999
  • Hatching Hopes (Autobiography), Klamidas 2006
  • Folklore and History: Twin Rivers of World Heritage, (Ethnography), Klamidas 2013
  • My Literary Journey (Literary Autobiography), Klamidas 2013


10. Pan-Nigerian Folktales Research and Publications

Encouraged by the public enthusiasm which greeted the folktales publications, the Foundation resolved to embark on a wider research project in folktales of diverse communities across the federation. 15 projects were commissioned between 2013 and 2016. They include the following:



Tales-Collection Area/Community

Project 1A

Research in Yoruba Folk Narrative

Project 1B

Research in Yoruba Folk Narrative

Project 2A

Research in Hausa Folk Narrative

Project 2B

Research in Tera and Fulfude Folk Narratives

Project 3

Research in South-South Folk Narrative

Project 4

Research in Igbo Folk Narrative

Project 5

Research in Sayawa and Jawara Folk Narratives

Project 6

Research in the Bauchi, Gombe and Kaduna State Folk Narratives

Project 7

Research in the Tera Folk Narrative

Project 8

Research in the Kaduna State Folk Narrative

Project 9

Research in North Central Folk Narrative

Project 10

Research in Kwara and Itulo Folk Narratives

Project 11

Research in Kilba, Adamawa State and Taraba State Folk Narratives

Project 12

Research in Southern Kaduna Folk Narrative

Project 13

Research in Yobe Folk Narrative

Projects 6, 8 and 13 are yet to be concluded.

     The projects gave rise to over 4000 tales from communities across Nigeria.


10. Brief Information on Projects Research Resource Persons

Klamidas Communications Ltd, Suite B04, Peace Plaza, Jabi Express Way, Utako, Abuja-Is a book publishing company with subsidiaries which include: Klamidas Book (book publishing), Excellent Editors (professional editorial services), Klamidas Press (pre-press and printing services), Nakolisahost.com (web hosting) and Abuja Capital Properties. The Directors are: Duve Nakolisa and Mr Barth Ngangah.

Chief Adetola Adeniyi-Former Editor of the Nigerian Tribune; former Permanent Secretary in the Federal Civil Service and currently a regular columnist.

Prof. Abdu Yahya Bichi-Professor, Center for Research in Nigerian Languages and Folklore, Bayero University Kano. Currently conducting research on African folktales and praises.

Prof. Sani Abba Aliyu-A Professor of English, Ahmadu Bello University and Secretary of the Nigerian Folklore Society.

Dawn Zaasi Meneh-A graduate of Accounting from Rivers State University of Science and Technology Port Harcourt. Presently an Accountant with Fetado International School, Abuja. He is also a budding writer.

George Chijioke Amadi-Ex King's College Student and graduate of Universite de Lovanium, Kinshasa, Congo Democratic Republic (CDR); Universite de la Cote d'Ivoire, Abidjan; Daily Times Journalism Institute (TJI), Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria. Former French Teacher, Ecole des Adultes, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire; Correspondent, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN); Media Consultant with United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA); Poet and Author, Igbo Folklore Stories in English and currently Editor, Ruralwatch Magazine, 33, Idimu Road, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Amos Joshua-Currently NCE student at College of Education Zuba, Abuja and Secretary to the President of the Foundation.

Mohammed Kabir Azare-Undergraduate of Educational Psychology and Counseling, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Janet Daniel-Former student Federal Government College, Zaria and holder of Diploma in Data Processing and Maintenance.

Dr. Hanatu Alahira-Lecturer in History, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and later Federal University Wukari.

Dr. Andrew Haruna-Vice Chancellor, Federal University, Gashua

12. Support to Publications by Other Writers

The Foundation has extended support to many individuals who had manuscripts on various subjects and applied for support to publish them. Among such publications for which supports were granted are:


  • Taskar Al'ada Da Tarihi Da Nishadi: Kammalallen Sharihin Littattafan Tatsuniyoyi Na Dokta Bukar Usman: Salisu Ahmed Yakasai- (Gidan Dabino 2012)
  • Makadi A Mahangar Manazarta: Jerin Takardun da Aka Gabatar a Taron Kara wa Juna Sani Kan Tubar Mahammadu Gambo Mai Kalangu, Sashen Nazarin Harsunan Nijeriya Jami'ar Usmanu Danfodiyo Sokoto- (Gidan Dabino 2013)
  • Tamed by Her Love by Maryam Abdu Usman (Klamidas 2013)
  • Kamusun Karin Maganar Hausa: Ibrahim Malumfashi and Nahuce Marafa Ibrahim- (Garkuwa Publications 2014)
  • Sodangi (Wasan Kwaikoyo): Khalid Imam- (Gidan Dabino 2014)
  • Ebedi Review, Second Edition - (2016)
  • Kundin Hirarrakin Bukar Usman: Khalid Imam - (Whetstone)
  • Moonbeam Anthology of Short Stories: Nigerian Literary Arts Journalists

     Likewise the Foundation, desirous of spreading information of beneficial interest to the public, has helped in the publication and distribution of vital documents, for wider public awareness. One specific case is the Foundation's role in producing and circulating Making Babies, a pamphlet which highlights the necessary health precautions for safe delivery articulated by Osato Frank Giwa-Osagie Professor Emeritus and a notable Gynecologist. Another case was Salon Kwarewa A Cikin Harshen Hausa: Nazari A Kan Taskar Tatsuniyoyin Bukar Usman (Tambayoyi da Amsoshinsu Daga Cikin Littafi Na 1-5) by Ashraf El-Azzazi and Abdulrahaman Ado-(Gidan Dabino 2012).


13. Donation of Books to Schools & Public Establishments

The English and Hausa publications sponsored by the Foundation and several other publications on different subjects procured by the Foundation are largely donated to individuals and institutions in furtherance of the Foundation's disposition towards enhancing the promotion of culture and knowledge.


          a. List of Books Donated by the Foundation

The following books published under the auspices of the Foundation, are being donated to individuals and organizations:

  • Dreams and Realities, Issues in Nigeria's Golden Jubilee Independence Anniversary, (Klamidas 2010)
  • Globalisation and the World after Mubarak & Gaddafi, (Klamidas 2011)
  • Salon Kwarewa A Cikin Harshen Hausa: Nazari A Kan Taskar Tatsuniyoyin Bukar Usman (Tambayoyi da Amsoshinsu Daga Cikin Littafi Na 1-5): Ashraf El-azzazi and Abdulrahaman Ado- (Gidan Dabino 2012)
  • Taskar Al'ada Da Tarihi Da Nishadi: Kammalallen Sharihin Littattafan Tatsuniyoyi Na Dokta Bukar Usman: Salisu Ahmed Yakasai- (Gidan Dabino 2012)
  • Folklore and History: The Twin Rivers of World Heritage by Bukar Usman (Klamidas 2013)
  • My Literary Journey, by Bukar Usman (Klamidas 2013)
  • Tamed by Her Love by Maryam Abdu Usman (Klamidas 2013)
  • Girl-Child Education in Biu Emirate: The Early Years, by Bukar Usman (Klamidas 2014)
  • Language Disappearance and Cultural Diversity in Biu Emirate, by Bukar Usman (Klamidas 2014)
  • Leadership, Security and National Development by Bukar Usman (Klamidas 2015)
  • A History of Biu by Bukar Usman (Klamidas 2015)


b. Local Beneficiaries of Books Donated by the Foundation:

Local beneficiaries of books donated by the Foundation include the following schools, libraries, the media and other organisations:

  • Borno State libraries at Maiduguri and Biu
  • College of Education Waka, Biu Local Government, Borno State
  • College of Education F.C.T Zuba, Abuja
  • Government Day Secondary School, Wandali, Kwaya Kusar, Borno


  • Garfa Foundation Schools, Kwaya Kusar, Borno State
  • Sasilka Nursery/Primary School, Kwaya Kusar L.G.A, Borno State
  • Kwaya Kusar Local Government Education Authority, Borno State
  • Wapu Nursery/Primary School, Kwaya Kusar L.G.A, Borno State
  • J.S.S Garin Gabas, Hadija L.G.A, Jigawa State
  • UBEB, Hadija L.G.A, Jigawa State
  • G.G.S.S Doma, Gombe State
  • J.S.S Dadin Kowa, Gombe State
  • G.D.S Jouro, Shehu Vegfru, Gombe State
  • Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, Bauchi, Library
  • University of Jos, Library, Plateau State
  • Library of Languages in Education and Society, University of

Maiduguri, Borno State

  • Department of Crop Production, University of Maiduguri, Borno State
  • University of Maiduguri, Ramat Library, Borno State
  • Centre for Trans-Saharan Studies, University of Maiduguri, Borno State
  • University of Maiduguri Department of History
  • Department of Archaeology, University of Jos
  • Department of Languages and Linguistics University of Maiduguri
  • Department of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages, University of


  • National Institute of Archaeology and Museum Studies, Jos
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State
  • University of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State
  • University of Lagos
  • Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu state
  • Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu State
  • Umaru Yar'Adua University, Katsina State
  • Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto State
  • Kaduna State University, Kaduna
  • Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State
  • Nassarawa State University, Nasarawa
  • Gombe State University, Gombe
  • Yobe State University, Yobe
  • Federal College of Education , Katsina State
  • Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna State
  • 44 Army Reference Hospital, Kaduna State
  • St Gerards Catholic Hospital, Kakuri, Kaduna State
  • Naiter Unguwan Rimi, Kaduna State
  • Gambo Sawaba Hospital, Zaria, Kaduna State
  • Daura General Hospital
  • NDA Medical Centre, Kaduna State
  • Siahiasa Clinic, Kaduna State
  • Almar Clinic, Kaduna State
  • Imam Clinic, Unguwan Dosa, Kaduna State
  • Abumudallib International, Kaduna State
  • Garkuwa Hospital, Kaduna State
  • Vicas Clinic Sabil, Kaduna State
  • FOMWAN Hospital, Kaduna State
  • Garden City Hospital, Kaduna State
  • New Nigeria Development Company Ltd (NNDC), Kaduna State
  • Roger Brooks Hotel and Suites, Utako, Abuja
  • Kaduna State Museum
  • Kaduna State Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • Federal College of Education , Kano
  • Federal College of Education, Gombe, Gombe State
  • College of Education, Kachia, Kaduna State
  • Bayero University, Kano
  • University of Abuja
  • Benue State University
  • Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Abeokuta
  • Muslim Community Centre, Wuse-Abuja
  • Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Abuja
  • Voice of Nigeria
  • Kaduna State University
  • Al-Bidayatul Jameelah, Kaduna
  • Federal Radio Cooperation of Nigeria, Kaduna
  • Nagarta Radio, Kaduna
  • Liberty Radio, Kaduna
  • Freedom Radio, Kaduna
  • National Assembly Institute, Abuja
  • Federal Capital Territory Administration Universal Basic Education

Board, Abuja

  • Fetado International School, Asokoro, Abuja
  • Liberty Square Academy, Gwarimpa, Abuja
  • Grande Ville Academy, Gwarimpa, Abuja
  • Primary School, Kamuyya, Biu L.G.A
  • Junior Secondary School, Buratai, Biu L.G.A
  • Primary School, Buratai, Biu L.G.A
  • Primary Kurnari, Biu L.G.A
  • Primary School Miringa, Biu L.G.A
  • Godiya Secondary School Biu, Biu L.G.A
  • Government Girls School Biu, Biu L.G.A
  • Galdemare Primary School Biu, Biu L.G.A
  • Federal Government Girls Secondary School, Bwari, F.C.T
  • Federal Government Girls College, Malali, Kaduna
  • Junior Secondary School, Apo Legislative Quarters, Abuja
  • Islamiya School, Jos
  • Federal University of Technology, Yola
  • Federal College of Education, Yola
  • Federal University Dutse, Jigawa State
  • Federal University Wukari, Taraba State
  • Federal University Gashua, Yobe State
  • Federal University Lokoja, Kogi State
  • Adamawa State University Mubi
  • British Nigerian Academy (BNA), Abuja
  • Zans Nursery and Primary School, Unguwan Rimi, Kaduna
  • Education Resource Centre, Abuja
  • National Mass Literacy Centre, Asokoro, Abuja
  • Bingham University, Karu, Nasarawa State
  • Gambar Lere Community Secondary School, Bogoro L.G.A, Bauchi


  • Gambar Zugum Community Secondary School, Bogoro L.G.A, Bauchi State
  • Junior Secondary School, Nyanya Gwandara, Nasarawa State
  • LEA Yimi Primary School, Zuba, Abuja.
  • Nigeria Immigration Service, Headquarters, Abuja.
  • Mariacutty Empowerment Foundation, Kaduna
  • Ilmihouse, Kaduna, Kaduna State
  • El Amin International School, Abuja
  • Sky Power Express Airways Nig. Ltd, Kaduna
  • Air Force Girls Comprehensive School, Jos
  • JSS Gosa, Airport Road, Abuja
  • Rosie Marie International School, Benin City
  • Ebedi Residency Iseyin, Oyo State
  • Nigerian Institute of Languages and Linguistics, Aba, Abia State
  • Federal Government College, Maiduguri
  • High Court of Justice Library, Maiduguri
  • Ministry of Justice Library, Maiduguri
  • Office of the SSG (Political and Cabinet), Borno State
  • Biu Local Government Secretariat, Borno State
  • Zamani College, Kaduna
  • Nasarawa Broadcasting Service, Keffi Nasarawa State
  • Galadima Memorial Primary School, Biu, Borno State
  • Galadima Islamic Centre Biu, Borno State
  • History and Culture Bureau, Dutse, Jigawa State
  • Desert Herald News, Kaduna
  • The Guardian
  • Daily Trust
  • New Nigerian
  • ThisDay
  • Blueprint
  • The Punch
  • Platform

c. Foreign Beneficiaries of Books Donated by the Foundation

Among the foreign beneficiaries of books donated by the Foundation are:

  • Abdul Moumouni University in Niamey, Republic of Niger
  • Departments of African Languages in Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz; University of Leipzig and University of Hamburg, all in Germany
  • University of Leeds and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), in UK
  • Warsaw University, Poland
  • Sashen Harsunan Afirka na Jami'ar Alkahira (Cairo University, Egypt)
  • Jami'ar Ain Shams (Ain Shams University, Egypt)
  • Sashen Harsuna da Tarjama, Jami'ar Al Azhar (Department of Language and Translation) Al Azhar University, Egypt.
  • General Association of Northern Nigerian Students, Egypt (Danfodio)
  • UNESCO Institute of Lifelong Learning (UIL) in Germany
  • BBC Hausa Service
  • Radio France International (RFI)

(All of these gratefully acknowledged receipt)


14. Reading Culture, Creative Writing & Literary Research Promotion

To promote reading culture and nurture positive competition among Nigerian youths, the Dr Bukar Usman Foundation has taken the following steps:

  • Donated thousands of reading materials to many schools in Nigeria
  • Donated thousands of compact discs and cassettes on the activities of the Foundation and its President.
  • Donated books as prizes for GSS Garko, Kano State, to promote fiction writing and drama.
  • Donated prizes to eight pupils who won song-writing competition at the First World Hausa Song Writers Association meeting held in Kano.
  • Donated books to Gizago Association (NGO) for use as prizes in their quiz competition.
  • Donated books to Dabota book club and Literary Forum, Enugu, Enugu State.


15. Grants to Universities/Researchers & Scholarship Awards

The Foundation's research grants, distinguished performance and scholarship awards, so far, include:

  • Donation of funds for research in language, literature and culture to undergraduate, masters and PhD students at the Bayero University, Kano and at Cairo University, Egypt.
  • Education grant to Kaduna State University.
  • Distinguished performance awards to best graduating students in several fields of Hausa studies at the Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto.
  • Scholarships to some indigent secondary school students in Nigeria.
  • Awarded research grants for researches in the folktales of some Nigerian languages.
  • Part scholarship for Master's degree course
  • Part sponsorship of conferences


16. Philanthropic and Poverty-Alleviation Interventions

The Foundation extended assistance to individuals and groups in the following areas:

  • Payment of school fees
  • Payment of medical bills
  • Payment of house rents
  • Entrepreneurial empowerment
  • Relief supplies to Internally Displaced Persons


17. Relations with the Media

The Foundation's President has granted interviews and written articles which were broadcast and published by the media espousing the activities of the foundation. In that regard the foundation wishes to place on record its appreciation for the support and encouragement of the following media houses:


a.     Print Media

The Guardian


The Punch

Daily Trust

The Nigerian Tribune

The Nigerian Pilot


Peoples Daily

The Leadership

The Sun

Daily Independent

The Nation

The Sunday Trust

The Weekly Trust

The New Nigerian

Desert Herald Weekly

The Summit


Leadership Hausa

Muryar Arewa

Platform Magazine

Fim Magazine

ABU News

Pin Journal


b.     Electronic Media

FRCN Kaduna

Kano Radio

Borno Radio & Television


Nagarta Radio, Kaduna

Liberty Radio, Kaduna

Freedom Radio, Kaduna and Kano

NTA Jigawa

Jigawa State Television

Jigawa State Radio

Freedom Radio, Dutse, Jigawa State

Nasarawa Broadcasting Service, Keffi, Nasarawa State


Radio France International (RFI)

Radio Alternative, Niamey Niger Republic


18. Relations with Publishers

The Foundation's President appreciates the collaboration of the following publishers who were responsible for the foundation's publications:

1.     Klamidas Communications Limited, Abuja

2.     Gidan Dabino Publishers, Kano

3.     Academy Press, Lagos

4.     BookCraft, Ibadan

5.     Bromley Technology Limited, Ogun State

6.     Nagari Printers Enterprises, Kano

7.     Yalliam Press, Abuja 


19. Individual Contributions, Support and Encouragement 

The foundation and its President have received tremendous contributions, supports and encouragements from quite a number of individuals among who mention should be made of the following:

1.      Amb. Prof. Dandatti Abdulkadir

2.      Prof. Abubakar Rasheed

3.      Prof. Bello Sa'id

4.      Mr. Emeka Izeze

5.      Malam Garba Shehu

6.      Malam Mahmud Jega

7.      Chief Nduka Obaigbena

8.      Malam Tukur Abdulrahaman

9.      Kabiru A. Yusuf

10.  Salisu Saleh Na'inna

11.  Bashir Yahuza Malumfashi

12.  Chief Ajibola Ogunshola

13.  Matthew Odu

14.  Nnenna Akpala

15.  Prof. Salisu Ahmed Yakasai

16.  Prof. Andrew Haruna

17.  Prof. Chinyere Ohiri-Aniche

18.  Prof. Ibrahim Malumfashi

19.  Mr. Samuel Odaudu

20.  Dr. Hanatu Alahira

21.  Dr. Enyantu Ifenne

22.  Prof. Sa'ad Abubakar

23.  Prof. Mohammad Nur Alkali

24.  Malam Tijani Garga

25.  Dr. Obinna Nwachukwu

26.  Khalid Imam

27.  Duve Nakolisa

28.  Ado Ahmad Gidan Dabino

29.  Prof. Ashraf El-azzazi

30.  Dr. Abdulrahaman Ado

31.  Ashafa Murnai Barkiya

32.  Mr. Akila Jibrin

33.  Malam Aminu Adamu

34.  Okechukwu Uwaezuoke

35.  Godwin Ogwu

36.  Chinasa Ehiemere

37.  Mildred Asuquo

38.  Barr. Maria Udenta

39.  Dawn Zaasi Meneh

40.  Amos Joshua

41.  Prof. Abdalla Uba Adamu

42.  Chief Tola Adeniyi

43.  Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

44.  Mr. Ben Tomoloju

45.  Ms. Edith Ofu

46.  Lamine Okion Ojigbo

47.  Abubakar Gimba

48.  Dr. E.O Akinluyi

49.  Chief D.O Odife

50.  Distinguished Prof. Osato Frank Giwa-Osagie

51.  Dr. F.D Mshelia

52.  Jane Emokpae

53.  Joe O. Abolade

54.  Umar Idris (Dankwairon Biu)

55.  Sulaiman Tijani (Farfesan Waka)

56.  Aminu Binladan Abubakar (ALAN Waka)

57.  Magaji Mohammed

58.  Muhammed Salisu Hamisu

59.  Henry Akubuiro

60.  Adewale Oshodi

61.  Kabiru Yaro Ali

62.  Bilkisu Mustapha Bintube

63.  Prof. Tekena Tamuno

64.  Mohaman Babalala

65.  Prof. Aliyu M. Bunza

66.  Mohammed Umar Midala

67.  Kabir Muhammad Assada

68.  Mukhtari Mohammed

69.  Abdulahi Ibrahim Biu

70.  Kasim Abubakar Imam

71.  Umar Mohammed Biu

72.  Bukar Abba Biu

73.  Malama Hauwa Ngurkuma

74.  Malama Hadiza Pindar

75.  Yarima Maina Yamta

76.  Ibrahim Musa Giginyu

77.  Sanusi Monguno

78.  Amb. Tunji Alagunju

79.  Gen. A.A Mshelbwala (rtd)

80.  Alh. Madu Umar

81.  Halima Mohammed

82.  Malam Ali Kellu

83.  Sumaila D. Makama

84.  Prof. Abdu Yahya Bichi

85.  Prof. Ismaila Tsiga

86.  Rev. Samuel Osivwemu

87.  Gabriel Odu

88.  Amb. Fatima Abubakar

89.  Finzi Ghaji

90.  Amb. Martina Geren Sen

91.  Gen. Paul C. Tarfa

92.  Chidi Kanikwu

93.  Bankole Olayebi

94.  Busuyi Onabolu

95.  Shittu Obassa

96.  Lekan Fadina

97.  Malam Bemi Biu

98.  Prof. Ahmed Amfani

99.  Amb. Segun Apata

100.       HRM Ebitimi E. Banigo

101.       Bulama Paul Bassi

102.       Cap. Maina Garga

103.       Chief Raymond H. Ihyembe

104.       Chief J.D Edozien

105.       Baba Shettima

106.       Prof. Auwalu H. Yadudu

107.       Sherif Ahmed

108.       Brig. Gen Halliru Akilu

109.       HRH Mai Umar Mustapha Aliyu

110.       Dr. A.K Babajo

111.       Amb. George Obiozor

112.       Justice Samson O. Uwaifo

113.       Musa Kachallah Biu

114.       Muhammed Mamman Biu

115.       Amb. Kabir Ahmed

116.       Chief P.C Asiodu

117.       Dr. Timiebi Koripamo-Agary

118.       Alh. Dauda Birmah

119.       Malama Hannu Ali Adamu

120.       Malama Caca Dikko

121.       Barr. Musa Yamta

122.       Galadima Sanda Galadima

123.       Akeem Lasisi

124.       Evelyn Osagie

125.       Mudi Hashim

126.       Yemi Adebisi

127.       Lawal Idris

128.       Souley Mage

129.       Chief Olusola Dada

130.       Adamu Sambo

131.       Abdullahi Ma'aji

132.       Alh. Sani Maikudi

133.       A.Y Shehu

134.       Bulama Yamta Iza

135.       A.K Gadzama

136.       Amb. I.C. Olisemeka

137.       Prof. Angela F. Miri

138.       Amb. Alaba Ogunsanwo

139.       Prof. Sani Abba Aliyu

140.       Prof. Maikudi Karaye

141.       Nkem Okoh PhD

142.       Cyril Uchenna Gwam

143.       Shehu Dauda

144.       George Chijioke Amadi

145.       Louis Okoro Ugbagha

146.       Ibrahim Sheme

147.       Dr. Kabir Ahmed

148.       Maina Mohammed Umar

149.       Amos Atama

150.       Bayi Dauda Ndi

151.       Prof. Sai'idu Ahmed Babura

152.       Prof. Saidu Muhammad Gusau

153.       Mohammed Ibrahim Magajin Malam

154.       Dr. Clifford Irikefe Gbenyonron

155.       Arch. Ibrahim Bunu

156.       Abubakar Adamu

157.       Justice Madu Audu Biu

158.       Bukar Kwaya Biu

159.       Bata (Baba) Maidala

160.       Hajiya Asabe Yusuf Muhammed 

161.       Alh. Abdu Usman

162.       Musa Ajiya

163.       Musa A. Tijjani

164.       Prof. Ibrahim Mohammed

165.       Magaji Muhammed Dambatta Abdallah

166.       Prof. Asabe Kabir Usman

167.       Malama Hauwa Kachalla Yamta Ngoni

168.       Malama Bukar Sulum

169.       Ya Patum Kuru 

170.       Bukar Shuaibu

171.       Buba Ari

172.       Alh. Muhammadu Bature

173.       Emmanuel Daniel Jagul Chipa

174.       Emmanuel Malam Stanley Mbaya

175.       Sadik Shehu Abdullahi

176.       Habibu Shehu Abdullahi

177.       Mohammed Lawan

178.       Fulani Kwajaffa, CP (rtd)

179.       Comfort Olatunji  

180.       Pastor John D. Mshelia

181.       Malam Bata Moda

182.       Malam Musa Dika

183.       Lawan Mohammed Maigari

184.       Malam Lawan Ahmadu

185.       Prof. Segun Adekoya

186.       Prof. Damian U. Opata

187.       Prof.  Tunde Okanlawon


19. Forthcoming Initiatives

Among the Foundation's forthcoming initiatives is the compilation and publication of the outcome of the Pan-Nigerian folktales research. A number of books have been slated for publication under this scheme:

  • A Treasury of Nigerian Tales
  • A Selection of Nigerian Folktales: Themes and Settings
  • People, Animals, Spirits and Objects: 1000 Folk Story of Nigeria
  • Gods and Ancestors: Mythic Tales of Nigeria
  • Aspects of the Tale: A Critical Appraisal of Nigerian Narratives
  • Ôgörùn-ún Ìtàn láti Ilê Yorùbá
  • Nchịkọta Akụkọ-ifo Ndị Igbo


The foundation is determined to consolidate its collaboration with the publishers, academia and media houses.  


21. Awards

In appreciation of his literary and cultural contributions as well as ethical and value-oriented leadership; and his Foundation's beneficial services to mankind, Dr. Bukar Usman, the Foundation's President has received the following awards and recognitions:

  • April 2-5, 2013, the Vice-Chancellor of Bayero University Kano, (BUK), Prof. Abubakar Rasheed hosted an International Conference on Folklore, under the title, National Integration and Development at BUK. One of the highlights of the conference was the appointment of Dr Bukar Usman as Chairman, Steering Committee for the revival of Nigerian Folklore Society.
  • On April 27, 2013, the Foundation's President was also recognized and honoured by the Usmaniyya Global Agency for his support for educational institutions and students, during the "Nigeria Educational Award Nite" organized by the agency and held at the Sheraton Hotel, Abuja.
  • On July 30, 2013, The Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN) at its conference held at the University of Ibadan, honoured the foundation's President for his meritorious services to Hausa language and literature.
  • On February 21, 2014 the Foundation's President was also honoured in Niamey, Niger Republic by the Nigerian and Nigerien Indigenous Writers Association for his contributions to the revival of Hausa folklore.
  • April 2-4, 2014 a conference on Folklore titled 11th Nigerian Folklore Society Congress and 2nd Bayero University Kano Conference on Folklore was held at BUK in honour of the Foundation's President. During the conference he was elected President of the Nigerian Folklore Society.
  • On 22nd November, 2014 the Foundation's President was conferred an Honorary Doctor of Letters (D.Litt) degree at the 37th Convocation of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.
  • On 18th January 2015, Dr. Bukar Usman was honoured for Excellence (Sportsman, Topmost Civil Servant, Author, Writer, Folklorist, Literary Giant, Publisher, Philanthropist, Recipient of Several National and International Awards) by King's College Old Boys Association (The Golden Ingots)
  • On November 23, 2016, Dr. Bukar Usman was honoured with an award for Ethical and Value-Oriented Leadership by the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.


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December 15, 2016

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