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Awards to Dr Bukar Usman: *2016 UNN Ethical and Value-Oriented Leadership Award *ABU's Doctor of Letters (DLitt) degree *Award by BUK for Contribution to Folklore in Nigeria *Biu Emirate Development Association (BEDA) Award for Exemplary Leadership *Award to Dr Usman on 85th Anniversary of Development of Hausa Literature *Medals for National Honours OON Award *Usmaniyya Award for Philanthropic Support for Education *Niamey Award for Contribution to the Development of Hausa Language and Culture *Rotary Club Aba Award for Meritorious Service *Rotary Club Abuja Award for Contribution to Rotary International *National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Award for being an Outstanding Human Rights Defender


Welcome to the Dr Bukar Usman Awards & Congratulatory Messages home page. Since the presentation of his first set of literary works in 2006, Dr Usman has proved with subsequent publications that his adventure into socio-cultural research and creative writing was not just a fad but a dedicated, legacy-conscious, society-impacting goal. He has published over thirty books since then. He has written on topics such as creative writing, linguistics, education, history and cultural diversity, aside from English language/Hausa short-story publications. His writings and sponsorship of educational causes have attracted local and international recognition, including Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN) award, Niamey international award for his works in Hausa Literature and Culture, the November 2014 Ahmadu Bello University DLitt (honoris causa) award, and the November 2016 UNN Award for Ethical and Value-Oriented Leadership.  Below, we present congratulatory messages sent in by Dr Usman's friends and admirers in celebration of these and other awards. To post your own comment regarding any of the awards, click here. 




News of Dr Usman's Ethical Leadership Award
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Award for Ethical and Value-Oriented Leadership

(Awarded to Dr Bukar Usman on November 23, 2016)


Congratulatory Messages


Dear Dr Bukar Usman, I bring you greetings from the Office of the Vice Chancellor University of Nigeria. I am glad that you have accepted to receive the award and be our special guest during the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Ethics, Governance and Higher Education International Conference holding at the University of Nigeria, organized in collaboration with several international institutions including Globethics Geneva, Federal Ministry of Education and four other international universities. Regards. - Dr Casimir Ani

Congratulations on your nomination for the ethical leadership award. I think you did well in accepting to attend the event. The organizers are serious local and international institutions, and I think this is a recognition you deserve. I hope the event will be given wide coverage. Once again, accept my congratulations. - Duve Nakolisa

Congratulations sir. This Committee is well-informed, seasoned, reasonable, visionary and responsible. The honour is not only for you but rather for all of us because it is a worthy laurel coming at the right time to our hero and mentor. Once again, congratulations and best regards. - Yemi Adebisi

Congratulations, and I trust that you and your family are fine. - Chief Ajibola Ogunshola

Masha Allah. Allah ya kara girma da daukaka, ya rufa asiri duniya da lahira. Allah ya nuna mana ranar da za a amshi kyautar Nobel. In Allah ya so. 

Da ina da hali da da ni za a yi wannan taro. Amma ba hali, Buhariyya ta dabaibaye ni. - Ado Ahmad Gidan Dabino

Daddy, Congratulations. It has taken me the past three days to come to terms with the fact that I cannot compose the right words to express my joy over the recognition and award being accorded you by the University of Nigeria and other institutions. It is indeed most gratifying to see your efforts in helping humanity being recognised and awarded. I pray that our creator would recognise you the more, by according you the award of PERFECT HEALTH. May this award bring more wealth to you. May it bring favour to your children and other members of your family. May it bring more peace to your family and also increase the length of your days here on earth. - Dawn Zaasi Meneh

Salam Sir, I have called twice to convey my hearty felicitation to you on this well deserved honour. Frankly, the award wouldn't have come at a better time than now that you are barely a month away from your 74th birthday. And what really elated me is the fact that the award comes from UNN, a pioneer prestigious university in the country. True, I see the honour as a vindication of your unsurpassed personal passion and passionate commitment to knowledge and scholarship. And if you ask me Sir, I will say the UNN award sums up the completion of the third leg of what I would call your tripod of honours. Sir, if you recall it was UI that started it with the Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN) distinguished award, then ABU award of Daktan Adabi followed and now the UNN award as the third leg of the tripod made the cycle complete. I wish Nsukka is not far and my final MA exam is not holding on 22nd November, 2016; I would have loved to be there in person to witness this historic moment. Congratulations, Sir! Wishing you safe trip to Nsukka and more awards in the future. Sincere regards. - Khalid lmam

I just read in the papers about your nomination by the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, for Ethical and Value-Oriented Leadership award. I, therefore, seize the opportunity to congratulate you and your family on a well-deserved award that is earned and not bought. This has reminded me of your good work in all spheres of human endeavour. I wish you Allah's blessings - Shehu Usman

Dear DG, Dr. Usman, congratulations on your recent award of Excellence in Ethical and Value-Oriented Leadership by the UNN. This is a well merited honour from a prestigious university. Once more, congratulations. - Mrs. Stella Odife

Bukar Usman, congratulations on your award from UNN. A great and well deserved award to a scholar, diplomat and patriot - Amb. (Prof.) GA Obiozor

This is to join your numerous well-wishers to congratulate you on the Award for Ethical and Value-Oriented Leadership by the UNN. It's an award well deserved  Sir, a golden fish, they say, has no hiding place. Congratulations. May God Almighty continue to grant you good health, strength, wisdom, knowledge and understanding as you selflessly serve humanity Sir. I am happy and proud of your achievements. - Gen. Lawrence Ngubane

Uncle Usman, Just saw the leadership award scheduled to be conferred on you. My congratulations and sincere pride. I am deeply touched that my hometown prestigious institution had the magnanimity and insight to recognize your outstanding contributions in such a manner, regardless of ethnic or religious differences. You are truly most worthy and may more of this be bestowed on you. - Val Odife Jnr, MD

I am highly delighted to hear of the honour bestowed on you by UNN. CONGRATULATIONS! You are indeed a model to lots of us in instilling leadership qualities by example in your consistent writings on issues that deal with historical facts that bind us morally and socially irrespective of ethnicity or religion. We are proud of you and your achievements and may you continue sharing your thoughtful leadership qualities through your writings. Regards. - Prof. Nuhu Gworgwor

You have always been up there as a guiding light to many of us coming behind; and at this very unusual time in our nation when the competence and integrity of every section of the public sector have been called to question severally, from the civil service to the judiciary, you have again given those of us who were privileged to pass through the portals of the civil service something to own and celebrate. Warmest regards, Sir. - Dr. Adegoke Adegoroye

Honour well deserved!  Congratulations and God bless - Amb. Ketebu Bolere 

A big congratulations to you Sir. Allah Ya kara girma. My warm regards. - Prof. Asabe Kabir Usman

Congratulations on this well deserved honour. It is just great. - Amb. Prof. Alaba Ogunsanwo

Congrats Bukar! More grease... - Prof. Tola Atinmo

May Allah bless the honour and continue to bless you Sir. - Aliyu Wali

Great. Congratulations Sir. We are very proud of your achievements and commitments to literature and literacy. - Abdulaziz Abdulaziz

Dear Dr Bukar Usman, many more laurels will continue to pour in as you continue to dedicate your life and talents to authorship and profound intellectual pursuit. You make us proud. Hearty congratulations. Ever yours. - Muhammadu Saheed

Congratulations on this award. As a follower of your academic and literary efforts, we know that the award for "Ethical and Value-Oriented Leadership" is well deserved. Allah Ya kara tsawon rai da rayuwa mai albarka. - Mika'ilu Ibrahim

Wow... Big congratulations! Proud of you, sir. - Barr. Ikechukwu Okeke

Congratulations, sir. I am indeed proud of your many achievements. More grease to your elbow. May Allah grant you more years and good health in the service of humanity. Ameen thumma Ameen. - Prof. Mohammed Umar Buratai

Congratulations my dear brother! May your star continue to shine and may you continue to be a leading light of our great institution, Ahmadu Bello University. Warmest regards. - Abdutalib Umar

Congratulations well earned. - Amb. Martina Gereng-Sen

Congratulations. - Baba Shettima

Congratulations, sir! - Daniel Dibal D.

Congratulations, sir. We go wash am - Musa Tahir

Congratulations, sir! - AY. Shehu

Salam, sir. Congratulations. For me, what the UNN award goes on to validate is the simple truism that the sun may always choose to appear without noise, but its silent appearance never takes away its relevance and influence on our daily lives. The point is, you might always opt to go on with your philanthropic and education activism in silence, but as the sun is felt by the public in spite of its silence, your silent philantrophy won't prevent the public from noticing your good and revolutionary intervention in the area of free knowledge dissemination. Allah Ya kara lafiya. - Khalid lmam

Congratulations, more feathers to your cap, sir. - Simon Okanlawon

Congratulations, sir. Good to hear from you.  Best regards. - Rear-Admiral Itunu Hotonu (rtd)

Congratulations, sir. May you live long in good health to receive many of such awards. - Yusuf Abdullahi

Congratulations. May the honours bestowed on you be limitless. We are very proud of this recognition. Once again, I want to further express my deep appreciation for the valuable publications you shared with us. Thank you, sir. Best regards. - Professor Habu S. Galadima

Congratulations on the well deserved honour bestowed on you. May the almighty Allah give you long life, good health and the strength to continue with the good work you are now doing for the moral and intellectual development of our nation after your credible civil service career. More grease to your elbows. - Usman Aboki

Excellent. Congrats!‎ Honours like a river flows! -Prof. Emeritus Osato Giwa-Osagie

Congratulations! Well deserved. - Mudiame Giwa-Osagie (Dr)

It was an honour meeting you. Your words were few but very inspiring. I have learned again that the good or bad that man does lives before them all the days of their life. I know you deserve this award given to you by the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I also want to thank you for the book (Season of Crimson Blossoms) that you bought for me. May God continue to bless you; I look forward to reading more of your stories. - Arowolo A.A

Congratulations on the recognition by my old University (UNN). Wish you the best - Prof. Umaru Shehu

Yayana ina taya ka murnar kyautar da Jami'ar Nsukka ta baka. Muna alfahari da kai kwarai! - Ibrahim Talba, Ciroman Tikau

Congrats, sir! - Mustapha Bulama

Congratulations! - Mohammed Chapola Mohammed

It is well-deserved. It is superb! And congrats, more feathers to your richly decorated cap. Warm regards to the family. - Prof. Gidado Tahir

Oga, very big congratulations. You surely deserve the honour. - Cyril Uchenna Gwam

I heartily congratulate you on this occasion of your being honoured by the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, with the Award for Ethical and Value-Oriented Leadership. It is particularly exciting and motivating to me that you're being recognized and honoured by my alma mater. Truly, the commendation is not surprising, knowing the unique grain and mettle of your essence. I feel proud, honoured and humbled to be associated with someone like you. I pray for your continued good health and mental and intellectual alertness for valued service in the development of mankind. - Japh Nwosu

Congratulations, sir. - Hamidu Wathanafa

Congratulations, sir. - Clifford Irikefe Gbeyonron

Congrats Bukar. - Haroun Adamu

Congrats, sir, on the UNN honour. - Prof. Olatunde Okanlawon

Congratulations sir on this wonderful achievement. We wish you more of such in the years to come. Amen. - Hon. Dr. Wale Okediran

Congrats, sir. - Prof. Isa Mshelgaru

Congratulations, sir. - Kabir Ahmed

Congratulations. - Ibeh Amaka

My Dear Brother, Congratulations on the recognition and the honour bestowed on you in recognition of your literary contributions in various ways. I am privileged to have known your intrinsic values when we were in the service of our beloved country, Nigeria. Best regards. - Amb. Edward Aina

Congratulations, Bukar. Honours are coming thick and fast. After ABU, now Nsukka. Where next? More ink to your pen. Once again, congratulations! - Prof. Michael Ayivor

Good day, sir. I wish to congratulate you on the well deserved Award bestowed on you by UNN. I just saw it on the internet. - Mohammed Lamba

Dear Dr. Usman, I have read with happiness, the news story on the 'unsolicited' honour bestowed on you by the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. It can only be a thing of joy for some of us who believe only in excellence to see such award being made to a person who truly deserves same. While extending my sincere congratulations, I hope that the award will further galvanise you to further your literary production as well as encourage you to put forward your usual best in the promotion of the ideals of the body which you ably represent. Please accept the continued assurance of my high consideration. - Amb. Femi George

I hope you and the family are doing well. Congratulations on yet another big milestone of achievement in your life. More grease to your elbows. Best wishes - Finzi Ghaji

Well deserved honour. May Allah SWT shower more blessings on you and may it continue to inspire you more for humanity development. - Shehu Usman Aliyu

Hearty congratulations. You eminently deserve such honour. - Justice S.O Uwaifo, KSC, JSC (rtd)

Congratulations Dr Bukar. May Allah endow you with better health and long life. Ameen.We are expecting more awards to come your way. You have what it takes to earn awards. More grease to your elbows. Once more, congrats. - Umara M. Amshi

Congratulations. You deserve it. Glory be to God. - Prof. Selbut Longtau

Congratulations on the award conferred on you by UNN. Your prodigious exertions in book publishing and your interest in the propagation and preservation of Nigeria's dying folklore can hardly escape the notice of serious academics in our citadels of higher learning. Hence, the prizes coming your way, time and time again. I pray for more vitality, vigour, and enthusiasm so that you can continue selflessly to focus your energies and  resources toward the educational advancement of our country. I remain indebted to you for generously giving me the chance to participate in your patriotic nationwide folktales project. Congratulations - George Chijioke Amadi

Congratulations, sir; we are so proud of you. - Yakubu Wakawa

Waoh! That's a great one. Hearty congratulations, sir. Honour well deserved! Warm regards, - Pharm. Peter Iliya Ndirpaya, fsi.

Congratulations, wish you more success. - Prince Lekan Fadina

This is to congratulate you on this honour. More grease to your elbow, Amen. - Inam Udoma

Dr. Bukar Usman, congratulations. Good luck and best wishes. - Prof. Aminu Mohammed Dorayi

Dear DBU, congratulations on your receipt of yet another award. All the best! - SD Makama

Wow! Fantastic, congratulations, sir, on this laudable achievement of yours. Allah ya ja kwana ya kuma kara maka lafiya amin. Muna murna. - Aisha Usman

Salam my brother, I say BIG CONGRATS. This is another milestone achievement in your scholarly journey. I join many of our brothers and well-wishers to once more express our happiness at this well-deserved award. - Zakari Biu

Many congratulations, my President! - Prof. Sani Abba Aliyu

Am so delighted! An award even from my school? Your qualities are just too much in one person. I hope God gives me the grace to be fulfilled as you are in my older days. Congratulations Dr. I wish I can organize my own award for you. You deserve all you get and more. I am happy to have known you. - Obiora Ukamaka

I most sincerely congratulate you for this recognition and award, which is not only merited, but also a source of happiness for those of us who are very familiar with the sacrifices you made, in terms of time, resources and the enormous patience required,  to produce publications of such quality and significance for humanity. The awards and honours and the messages of appreciation you receive continuously are genuine.  This point is very important in this part of the world where honours are traded or acquired fraudulently. Yours is the outcome of real contributions. Allah Ya kara maka lafiya. - Salisu S. Na'inna

Congratulations on the award for Ethical and Value-Orientated Leadership bestowed on you by the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. For some of us who know you, and have read your works, the award did not come as a surprise nor is it out of place. Indeed, it is both expected and well deserved. - Omadachi Oklobia

Thanks, Dr. Usman. Congratulations on the UNN award. - Prof. Segun Adekoya

Salam Dr Bukar. I join others to congratulate you on your UNN AWARD. May Allah continue to guide and protect you in all your endeavours (amen), my regards. - Prof. Salisu Ahmed Yakasai 

I and my family wish to forward our congratulations on the award. May Allah give you more awards here and after - Ma'aji Chos

I wish to again congratulate you on the honour bestowed on you by the University of Nigeria. It's another feather added to your numerous great feathers. - Ugonna Ezeaku

Congratulations, Bukar. Your honour speaks volumes and we pray that this becomes a continuing trend in recognition of meritocracy. - George Nwabukwu

Dear Sir, I am using this medium to congratulate you on the honour bestowed on you by the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Your contribution to the moral, intellectual and social development of Nigeria and the African continent has been iconic and phenomenal. I write this even as a beneficiary of your inspiring leadership. Congrats, sir, as I wish you many more feathers to your cap. - Ben Tomoloju

May I take this opportunity of your UNN award to thank you and congratulate you on your role as societal builder and educator. May Allah bless you and your family with health and prosperity. Barakallahufi - Umar Midala

Congratulations, sir. Well-deserved - Magaji Mohammed

Congratulations again and again. This is quite an encouragement for me and others. - Pastor Shariff Abibu

Congratulations! I pray that it will bring you more inspiration as you strive harder in the service of the people. Wish you more success and many happy years ahead! - Prof. Ismaila A. Tsiga


Congratulations on the award for Ethical and Value-Orientated Leadership by UNN. The award coming from such a prestigious university is worthy of appreciation and commendation.  Your works in literary writings, on culture, history, etc, are great contributions to the academia, and not just in Nigeria. These contributions speak volumes for you. A good brand really needs no advertisement. Everybody will go for a good product. You have 'left an indelible mark in the sands of history.' I am sure your family and associates are very proud of these your achievements. So do I and all Special Services Office (SSO) family. Please accept my warm regards. - F M Fariku

Dear All King's College Old Boys, please visit http://sunnewsonline.com/unn-bestows-honour-on-bukar-usman/

Now it is University of Nigeria Nsukka honouring our Bukar Usman. He keeps waxing stronger in the literary world. This year's Nobel Prize for Literature went to Bob Dylan... So why not recognize folklorists... a reviving genre in the literature field... Yes! So soon and very soon 30 + years after Soyinka... it may well be Nigeria again. More grease to your elbow, Bukar. Floreat - Busuyi Onabolu

Congratulations on this additional feather on your already laden hat!! - Prof. Hamman Tukur Saad 

Congratulations! great man, prolific writer, great historian and the encyclopaedia of our ancestry. There aren't many of your type. You are the custodian of the history of our race. May God Almighty prolong your life for the Babur/Bura race and indeed for Nigeria. Amen. - Gen. Paul C. Tarfa

Assalam Dr. Another diamond has been added to the already ornamented crown you have been wearing. More diamonds are coming to your crown insha Allah. Congratulations on your being conferred with this deserving honour. We pray for you for good health, protection and long life. Alhamdulillah Dr. Bissalam. - Alhaji Musa Kachalla Biu

Congratulations on your UNN award. I read more about you on the pages of newspaper and I wish you will extend your kind gesture to my new university (Federal University Wukari) by donating copies of your publications for the development of the younger generation we are training here. Thank you sir. I am glad to be associated with you. - Maggai Tsokwa

Another well-deserved feather on your worthy cap. Congratulations!  We are proud of your achievements. - Amb. Baba Gana Kingibe

Congratulations! It's a great achievement, and it is good to know that the work you are doing for the country is properly acknowledged. With best regards - Mariusz Kraśniewski, PhD

UNN award and recognition of excellence and hard work. Congratulations sir and happy to see you being recognized and rewarded in great Nigerian university - UNN. In recent years, your literary contribution to global art had acquired international recognition and you equally kept faith with hard work and integrity. The society and academia will continue to celebrate you in high esteem for your contribution to humanity and academia. - Mudi Hashim

My brother, I am happy for you for the award. You deserve everything good the nation can offer. Congratulations - Dr. Obi Anyanyo


Dr Bukar Usman's Friends and Fans Congratulate him on his ABU
DLitt Award

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I am surprised at the speed at which the literary and academic prowess of Alhaji (Dr.) Bukar Usman exploded and blossomed since 2002 when we were last together at the Presidential Panel On National Security but I am not surprised at all at the giant strides made by him in humanitarian, literary, cultural and academic spheres. This is because Dr Usman for those of us who know him is a deep character and personality, consummate humanitarian, devoted to community service, a cultural enthusiast and a detribalised nationalist. Above all, he is a patriot per excellence. Congratulations sir for this honour earned, merited and well deserved. Kudos to ABU for giving honour to whom it is due. - Hon. Barr. Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom

Salam Dr.Bukar, Compliments of the season, there is no hiding place for the Goldfish. You truly merited the award. Best Regards. - Arc. M. Dewu, Chairman, Ahmadu Bello University Governing Council

Congratulations on a well deserved honour. Moreso, the platform is shared with the Saudi Prince. l wish you all the best. May Allah continue to recognise your hard work,sustainable reputation and, above all, your sharing your knowledge with a greater number of people thereby adding value to life. - Prince Lekan Fadina

BIG HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS SIR !!! It looks like sanity is returning to our universities regarding the dishing out of honorary degrees. After Ife's last year awards, Nigeria's premier University of Ibadan last Monday gave deserving honors to Soyinka, Tamuno. Ogunlesi - all highly distinguished academic - and Wole Olanipekun, SAN (1990), a distinguished lawyer (a year junior to me in high school). Now, it is the turn of the Great ABU to honor eminent people, including you, one of the most distinguished members of CORFEPS (Council of Retired Federal Permanent Secretaries). Congratulations, once again Sir! - Adegoke Adegoroye

Indeed, the ABU doctoral award is a worthy recognition for your continued humanitarian services, especially to the less privileged,  and your contributions to learning and education generally. Thanks a lot. I hope that very soon other institutions would recognize and reward you. - Amos Joshua

Dear Bukar, it delights me no end to hear of this honorary doctorate degree being awarded to you by your prestigious alma mater, ABU. This latest feather added to your growing academic accolades is a glowing testimony to the fact that hard work pays. May Allah continue to bless, guide and protect you in all that you do. Amin. - George Amadi

My dear Bukar, my brother, hearty congratulations on your well deserved honorary doctorate degree award. You richly deserve it. Your literary works alone are even enough to earn you an academic Ph.D! May God continue to bless you abundantly... Let us continue to pray fervently for our dear country. Best regards to you and family. - Chief John D Edozien

This is a wonderful honour not only on  you but to all the literary world and your followers as well.  It is  well deserved and timely. You have done so much in the scholarly world and your immense contribution to Hausa culture and  literature cannot be quantified. I am happy to see the world rising up to cheer your contribution and above all crowning the standing ovation with a unique honorary doctorate degree. Aside from your literary works, you have done so much in catering for the less privileged and even the educated ones have gained from your generosity through gainful employment and bursary awards. Thank you for the wonderful efforts and keep up the good spirit. I also commend  A.B.U Zaria for this special recognition and honor. - Mudi Hashim

I received with hearty cheers the news of your DLitt award by the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. It is indeed an honour well deserved. Accept my congratulations. What this has gone to prove is that age is not a barrier to intellectual success. May Allah preserve you for us to tap from your rare intellectual gift. - Malam Adamu Sambo

It is indeed gladdening to hear the cheerful news of your well-deserved honorary doctorate degree award by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria,-your alma-mater. What pleased me most is the fact that the honour is coming from the most prestigious and premier university in northern Nigeria. - Khalid Imam

You more than deserve it, sir! CONGRATULATIONS and wishing many more years of good health and service to humanity. - Nkem Okoh, PhD   

Great news, Sir. By God's grace I will be there to witness this great occasion where an illustrious son of the North and Nigeria will be appreciated. Allah k'ara wa Yallab'ai tsawon rai da k'oshin lafiya. - Prof. Andrew Haruna

This cheering news gladdens my spirit. Congratulations !  I sincerely rejoice with you over this well deserved HONOUR! May God grant you many more happy years to enjoy not only the fruits of your labour but also to continue to serve Him and Humanity in the way you have done. You are a Great Asset to this Nation and the International Community, Sir. I am so proud to be associated with you. To God be the Glory! - Prof Angela F. Miri

Bukar, as the good Lord continues to bless your works, our thanksgiving will never cease. Hearty congratulations. I am delighted. - Busuyi Onabolu

Congratulations. Well deserved. - Prof Osato Frank Giwa-Osagie

I write to felicitate and share with you the joy of being honoured by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. May Allah continue to crown your effort and make it a success for you in all your endeavours. Congratulations and remain blessed. - Prof Salisu Ahmed Yakasai

The honour from ABU is of course well-deserved,  but I can assure you that many more are on their way.We in LAN (Linguistic Association of Nigeria) feel highly privileged to number you among our friends. Congrats and I wish you God's blessings and guidance in all your endeavours. - Prof C. Ohiri-Aniche

Congratulations as you receive honorary doctorate degree from ABU. Indeed, you deserve more honours, given what you have done for this nation. I'm proud of you. - Dr Obinna Nwachukwu

Alhamdulillah! Congratulations! This is just the beginning as the world comes to recognize and appreciate your contributions in several fields. Your contributions to knowledge alone, not to talk of in other areas, is proof of living a worthy life in a country with a decadent leadership that respects rogues only. May Allah prolong your life to keep doing the exemplary works you are onto. -Salisu Saleh Nainna Dambatta

Congratulations! I am elated you are being honoured today by our alma mater. We are all very proud of your achievement. May Almighty Allah continue to guide and bless you and all your loved ones. Warmest regards. - Abdul'Talib S. Umar

Your selection by the authorities of ABU for an honorary doctorate degree is well deserved. Your general hands-on management characteristics and philanthropy and your recent publications and revival of folklore in Nigeria...stand you out for recognition. - Galadima Sanda Galadima

Headboy, I have just learnt that you have been appropriately and deservedly awarded a doctorate degree...No words can express my delight. Please accept my hearty congrats. A tashi lafia. - Ajiya Idris (Dr Usman's high school mate)

Salam! I and my family and associates rejoice with you today and always. As Ahmadu Bello University deservedly recognize you we wish you even more glorious recognition by Almighty Allah. Allah ya kara ma basira da hikima da kwarjini! - Dr A.K Babajo

Congratulations Sir. It's an honour well deserved. May you live to enjoy it for many more years in good health and prosperity. Kind regards. - Amb. Fatima Balla

Salam Dr. I am immensely pleased to learn about your well deserved Honour and Recognition. Allah ya kara Baiwa da Mutunci. - Prince Inuwa Bawa, Col. (rtd.)

Wow! Sir, I'm encouraged anytime I hear of your academic exploits. You're no doubt a model for some of us. I wish you the very best and good health. - Harrison Mordi-Williams

This is to felicitate and rejoice with you over your conferment with doctorate degree of letters by the authorities of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Wishing you ALLAH'S guidance and protection. - Abdu Usman

Bravo for bagging another honour, well deserved! What a clarion call to celebrate successes and most importantly a good gesture of passing a message to people with conscience to emulate sterling qualities of hard work, selfless service and charitable giving. As I join the ranks of millions of people in rejoicing with you and your family over the award, it is my fervent prayer that God Almighty would grant you long life, good health, and the capacity as well as the wisdom to sustain the work you are doing. Congratulations once again and thanks very much for making us proud, sir. - Musa Ajiya

Salam Sir, just returning from Biu and all is fine...I was with the Amir briefly, he asked me to convey his warm greetings. On the bestowment of a well-deserved honorary Doctorate of Letters, I humbly and proudly say CONGRATULATIONS. And how I wish our young brothers and sisters could witness such occasion, as it would ginger them to follow your footpath. Allah Ya taya ka riko. Warm regards to the family. - Barr. Musa Yamta

Bukar Usman, winning isn't everything, it is the only thing... Congratulations on this wonderful achievement, Doctor! The horizon leans forward offering you space to place new steps of change. - Prof S. A Yakasai

Sir, I wish to congratulate you on the well-deserved conferment of honorary Doctorate degree on you by the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. - Suleiman. Halliru

Well-deserved and expected because of your hard work and contribution to the development of education and history in Nigeria... - Abdullahi Isa

Congratulations on your conferment with a doctorate degree by your alma mater, Ahmadu Bello University. I wish you many more awards. - Uche Onwuanuokwu

Alhamdulillah! Congratulations, sir. I rejoice with you and your family over this well-deserved award. Aside from your literary works, you have done much in catering for the less privileged. Even the educated ones have gained from your generosity through gainful employment and bursary, and I was one of the beneficiaries. Allah ya kara maka lafiya da tsawon kwana kuma yayi maka jagoranci na Alkhairi, amin. - Gambo Ahmed

Big, big congrats! Extremely sorry to have missed witnessing the event. Warm regards. - Sanusi Monguno

I was pleasantly surprised to see the heart-warming honorary award of Doctor of Letters on our dear father. Baba, we your children and grandchildren are excited and proud of you. Words cannot describe our happiness. Congratulations. - Arc. Isa Halidu

Congratulations sir on this worthy recognition.- Anthony Ikobho

It delights my heart indeed to be part of this. You have inspired me and raised the bar quite high for all of us. - Jibrin Musa

It's indeed a worthy award. May Allah continue to kindle your path as you soar in your aspirations to better humanity. - Lawal Ahmed

Congratulations! An honour well deserved. Alllah Ya Tabbatar da Alheri. - Mohammed M. Bintube

This is a well deserved honour. While you were toiling and working hard for Nigeria, some people were watching and taking notes. I am one of those who took notes and I must say with vehemence that you far merit the award. Many honours will surely come your way. God bless you, sir. - Cyril Uchenna Gwam

Salaam. Muna  tayaka murnar samun wannan babbar girma da ka samu kan taimakon kasa. If I had known about it I would have been there. - Saad Baba

Congratulations! Hope it inspires you to continue to give your honest advice on all national matters. - Dr Mudiame Giwa-Osagie

The Doctor of Letters award conferred upon you by the Senate of ABU came to us with little surprise. Given your many years of active philanthropy and outstanding contribution to the development of Literature in Nigeria, especially Hausa Literature, it was a most deserved award. I, as a beneficiary of you philanthropy will like to say a simple prayer for you. May Allah continue to bless all your endeavors and compensate you with Jannatul Firdaus in the hereafter, Amin. - Musa Jibrin

My very dear Elder, compliments of the day to you and family. CONGRATULATIONS sir on the well deserved recognition by the eminent Institution ABU as you continue to blaze the intellectual trail. We pray that you will not flag in this endeavour. I wish you more successes ahead. - Gen AA Mshelbwala
Kindly accept my hearty congratulations on the well-deserved and meritorious recognition. As a former lecturer at ABU, where I started my teaching career in Nigeria, and as an alumnus of King's like you, I am all the more proud of your sterling record of distinguished public service to our great country.  I offer toast to your good health, long life, continued meritorious service to town and gown, and to community, state and nation. Floreat! - Prof Adele Jinadu 

Thank you, Dr, and congratulations. May your literary productivity increase. - Chief Ajibola Ogunshola

Congratulation sir! I am proud to be associated with a living legend like you. Best Regards. - Barr. Ikechukwu Okeke

Very big congratulations. It is an honour well-deserved. My sincere regards to the family. God bless. - Chief (Dr) J. O Omuya

This is a well deserved and overdue award. Very warm congratulations! I glorify Almighty Allah (SWT) for His endless grace, blessings and positive interventions in your eventful life and pray that may He continue to bless you with wisdom, contentment, good health and peace of mind.  You are leaving many lessons for me as my mentor and I pray that Almighty God will reward you. May He give me the perseverance to emulate your righteousness and draw inspirations from your forthrightness, dedication and professionalism. Once more, congratulations and best wishes. - Abdullahi Y. Shehu

Wow, what an event! Congratulations. Well deserved. - Prof. Bomi Ogedengbe

Dear Dr Usman, I wish to congratulate you on the well deserved Honorary Doctorate Degree of Letters recently conferred on you by Ahmadu Bello University. You are indeed a source of pride to all of us, your friends. For me, it has not come as a surprise as I have been associated with you for a period of more than four decades. Your pacific disposition and love for literary ventures endear me to you as a colleague in the Federal Civil Service since early 1970s when our paths crossed. It did not take me time to conclude that you are endowed with high intellect and value. I pray Almighty God to continue to give you wisdom. More grease to your elbows. - Chief Olusola Dada

Ah! Congratulations on this well deserved honour... Best and sincere regards. - Amb. (Dr) Bolere Ketebu

My dear Doc, CONGRATULATIONS. I'm so honoured to know such a distinguished and learned person. What can I say but wish you everything you wish yourself and more.  - Ronke Udoma

This award is for your passion, energy, intelligence and devotion. May this award make you to continue your good work in many areas. - Mohammed Umar Maidala

My Dear Brother, hearty congratulations for the recognition which the Award of an Honorary Doctorate Degree signifies. I am proud of you. In any case I am always quick to identify with you by saying we worked together! Now I feel more honoured as an Alma Mata of Ahmadu Bello University. The Citation is apt. Best wishes. - Amb. Edward Aina

WOW! Sir, its amazing to my ear. CONGRATULATIONS. I am happy to have met a man of your worth, it's a privilege and I thank God Almighty for you. More are still on the way and your birthday is coming soon. I wish I was there to celebrate it with you and your family. Cheers. - Obiora Ukamaka

Salamu alaikum sir. Accept my warmest felicitations and the assurance of my good will. May Allah continue to exalt you and preserve you in good health and spirit. Congratulations, sir. - Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

I was filled with immense joy and satisfaction for the recognition of what you have achieved and are doing, which inspires. Sir, Congratulations, and please accept our warm regards. - Omadachi Oklobia    

Very many congratulations on the prestigious award. We are and continue to remain proud of you and all your achievements - it is truly inspiring. Regards. - Barr. Chinwe Odife

Congratulations sir. May God bless this achievement and give you more laurels in life, amen. - Hon (Dr) Wale Okediran

Congratulations on another excellent achievement. Regards. - Etin Giwa-Osagie

I cannot hide my enormous delight and joy. This is really the kind of award that is truly deserving for really worthy people who do really worthy things in life . Congratulations from your brother and admirer who has taken enormous satisfaction and pride in your distinguished record of public service and your sterling literary achievements. Allah ya kara daukaka , ya kara maka basira da lafiya da karin ilmi ninki ba ninki . Mu yan uwanka mutanen Borno muna mutukar alfaari da wannan babban Girma da darajan da Allah ya baka. Naka dan uwanka.
- Mohammed Hayatudeen

My dear friend congratulations on the recent award by your alma matter. You have all along proved to be a worthy and good ambassador of the University and am happy that the University has appreciated this. My prayer is that God will grant you long life in good health and sound mind so you will continue to be useful to the society at large and your immediate family in particular. Let me use this opportunity to urge you and those of like minds to see how to bring peace to Borno State which was the citadel of knowledge and civilisation before and even after the arrival of the British.  The way to do this God will show you. Once more, congratulations.  - Segun Ajibola

Congratulations! Saw the pictures in the Guardian both Wed and Thursday. Very well deserved. Floreat! - Prof. Tola Atinmo

Bukar, congratulations. It is my hope that the politicians will pull back from destroying this country which they seem determined to do. - Amb. (Prof.) Alaba Ogunsanwo

Dear Dr Usman, I have just become aware that you are one of the recipients of the Honorary Degrees this year. Please allow me to add my own voice to that of the others in congratulating you on a well deserved honour. The publicity of the event (poor in my view) does not in any way come close to the long and historic contribution that you have made to folklore. I wish you, your family and your work well in unearthing our past for the benefit of future generations. With best regards. - Prof Siyan Malomo

Just received the good news of your honorary doctorate award by ABU. Warmest congratulations. It is well deserved. - Amb. Dapo Fafowora

I hasten to congratulate you on this award. May Allah shower more blessings and awards on you. Remain blessed Bukar. - Paul Ibeku

Dear Doc Bukar Usman, I always appreciate you in many dimensions- A father, A philanthropist, leader, educationist, literary man and social mobilizer. I am always fascinated by the volume of energy and intelligence you exhibit in carrying out your work despite your advanced age. My little knowledge of your life story has shown me that you have always been a hard working personality, dedicated, trust worthy and selfless. You have set your goals right and achieved all through systematic approach. I cherish and appreciate you as my leader and mentor and always count on how you were able to bring us from our communities and built us to greater height. The Almighty God will continue to grow you in strength and wisdom and your efforts in human development and literary work will keep on shining during and after your life time. Thank you for being a wonderful leader, patriot and senior citizen per excellence. - Hashim Mudi

Dear Dr Bukar Usman, I am extremely glad to see those beautiful pictures of your investiture as Doctor of Letters and would like to offer you my hearty congratulations. The award is a fitting tribute to your work as a prolific writer in the field of folklore development, your selfless service to the nation and above all, your unstinting and enthusiastic contribution to many charitable and educational institutions over the years. I cannot think of anyone who is more worthy of such an honour. With very best wishes, - Musa Ajiya

Sir, I am sorry for my belated response... The elucidating citation is indisputable and I feel honored to read such from one of us. I feel pleased that it is you and I can't doubt that such decorum and discipline will be inculcated to us (the younger ones) and we stand to gain and learn from the wealth of your experiences and wisdom. As Sir Isaac Newton says, 'If I can stand and see further than other men, I stand on the shoulders of the giant.' May Allah give us the wisdom to see and learn from what you people have done. - Dr M. Kyari

Sir, since I came into contact with you, and started following your writings, you have so inspired me that you've become one of my mentors. Your wisdom, proficiency and mastery in the art of writing make you a complete gentleman who deserves all the accolades and awards that have continued to come your way. May Allah continue to inspire your heart for humanity; and may He grant you good health to continue to do what you know how to do best. Lots of love from, - Sheriff Ahmed

Dear Dr Bukar, Congratulations! I'm very happy to hear that. I hope all is well with you and NFS (Nigerian Folklore Society). Best regards from Poland. - Mariusz Kraśniewski

Dear All, it is with great pleasure I share with you (King's College Ingots) the pleasure in forwarding to you the citations and pictures of the ABU Honorary Doctorate Degree Award to our own tripartite member - Ingot Bukar Usman. As aptly captured in one of our national dailies.... it is GARLANDS FOR (OUR) BUKAR ! May our shadows never grow less. - Floreat! Busuyi Onabolu

Dear Doctor of Letters Sir, I wish to sincerely congratulate you on this yet another great recognition of your contributions to the literary development of our great nation. There is no gain saying the fact that you deserve it and even more. Congratulations. - Barr. P.C Okorie

Dr, accept my warmest Congratulations Sir. May the Almighty God who sees your tireless contributions to this generation continue to reward you openly. - Simon Okanlawon

Ranka shi dade, Barka . Congratulations. The citation is absolutely wonderful. You richly deserve all the accolades. I can testify to your intellect and your amiable nature. Almighty Allah continue to bless. - Chief Raymond Ihyembe

Dear Dr. Bukar, I am very happy that you remembered me in this event. I wish I knew about it in advance, I would have been there to celebrate with this well deserved honour from a great university like ABU. As your younger associates, we know you deserve this recognition and more from our universities and the nation at large. Congratulations sir. - Mikailu Ibrahim

Bravo Dr Usman.  The honour is well deserved and I can fully testify to this. The good thing is that the prestigious ABU got it right to pick you out of an obviously heavy crowd to honour you. You are a real icon whose fame is still on the rise. Congratulations.  Best wishes. - Justice S.O Uwaifo, CON, KSC


Dr Usman's Niamey Award:
Congratulatory Messages


In February, 2014, on UNESCO International Mother Language Day, Dr Bukar Usman, author of the 652-page anthology of Hausa-language folktales, Taskar Tatsuniyoyi, was given an international award at Niamey, Niger Republic, for his contributions to the revival of Hausa folklore. Below, his readers and friends convey their goodwill messages. You may choose to post your own comment by navigating to this page



"I am so happy for you Sir, this is an international recognition,it's another feather to your cap. For your contributions in your own little corner may the good lord continue to reward you openly. More are coming!" - Simon Okanlawon

"Good morning sir, you are a blessing to Nigeria at large and Centrepoint in particular. We are happy to be associated with you. Congratulations!" - Awure Emma

"Congratulatioons, Sir! Please, expect more laurels, local and international, because you deserve them. You are a rare blessing in many ways to our generation and the whole world. Warmest regards." - Samuel Odaudu

"Sir, Congratulations once more on this rare honour done you. I earlier requested to be part of your team to share in the joy. Nevertheless, I thank God for you. Remain blessed." - Dr Obinna Nwachukwu

"My brother, Congratulations. You have done us all extremely proud. Very warm regards." - Amb. Segun Apata

"It is an honour well deserved Sir. I have been away to Liberia for a month's assignment and came back late last week, but my wife pointed it to me in the Daily Trust. She was in fact reading your "Folklore and History : The Twin Rivers of World Heritage", saying that she wants a copy of "Girls in Search of Husbands". I will find time to come by after settling down and writing my report. Congrats Sir." - Dr. Adegoke Adegoroye

"Salam sir. I will get a copy and read. I flew into Abuja on Friday and travelled to Jos on Saturday but would have loved to accompany you to Niger, if only I knew. It is like we are gradually imbibing the culture of honoring our icons when they are still alive, which I believe should be the norm. A gaida iyalin and stay blessed while I wish many more laurels will come your way in the no distant future." - Umar Sanda Galadima

"Congrats for adding one more feather to your cap! All the best!" - Samu'ila Danko Makama

"Bukar, many thanks for sharing. I look forward to a future story on the 17 hours road trip." - Busuyi Onabolu

"Hearty Congratulations for your national acceptance and international recognition. With respect. Aba Saheed." - Chief Adetola Adeniyi

"Bukar, great to have an answer almost before one asks... It's even more interesting to note most of us do not have any idea of the countries around us... And who will believe Niger will be your own second trip after Benin... I bet a good number of us cannot imagine lush vegetation in places like Niamey ... Is it not in the Sahara... nor fathom Kano to Sokoto as an 8 hour road trip. Yes, you actually got my drift as I have been privileged to do such road trips of many hours around our own country and outside and it is a choice I will make for the knowledge gained though my children frown very seriously against it. Whatever is the status of the Trans-Sahara HIghway? Thanks and Cheers." - Busuyi Onabolu

"Sir. Congrats on the well deserved award." - Akeem Lasisi

"Salam yallabai, your piece on your trip to Niamey made an interesting read, l say big kudos, sir." - Khalid Imam

"We are very happy and excited at the chains of awards our Daddy keeps on recieving. We are so happy and equally feel Honoured. Congratulations sir. We are proud of you." - Isa Halidu

"Congratulatiions my Dear Dr Usman on your successful adventure and honors conferred on you.More grease to your elbows." - Chief Sola Dada

"Dear Sir, thanks for the article. I have read it and found it most interesting and revealing. I hope I too will have an opportunity some day to make a similar trip. Travelling by road is a valuable education to have from time to time. God bless." - Chief (Dr) J.O Omuya

"Indeed an interesting and adventurous trip that I wished to be part of it. May be next time." - Barr. Musa Yamta

"Very interesting sir, looking forward to escorting you when next you embark on such journey." - Mamman Sabo

"Dr, congratulations on the recent recognition of your humble contributions to Hausa folklore. ... The best legacy is to be a positive reference point in life. This generation and the ones unborn will always draw knowledge from your well of wisdom. Thanks for being an unforgettable blessing to Nigeria, Africa and the world." - Gabriel Nwadike  

"Assalamu alaikum sir. We are very happy and excited at your chains of awards... We feel honoured. We didn't even realise the energy and zeal in you as to cover 17 hours journey by road to Niger Republic. Congratulations!" - Arc. Isa Halidu & family 

"Just finished reading about your award and your trip to Niamey. Congratulations on the well-deserved award. I, too, have embarked on a road trip to Niamey... I can confirm that it was quite an experience. I travelled with gals who were part of a fund-raising in their school during the drought of 2006. They enjoyed it too. Well done. you challenge me to do more." - Dr. Timiebi Koripamo-Agary

"Dr Usman, it was with great delight that I received the news of the award given to you in recognition of your efforts at reviving Hausa folklore. I particularly find this feat commendable given the way our youths prefer speaking the English language to the detriment of our indigenous languages. I salute your effort in documenting Hausa folklore and more grease to your elbows. Congratulations!" - Chidi kanikwu

"I read your interview with the Weekly Trust. Thank God for safe journey to Niger. And you were so strong to have sat in a bus for such a long time! So interesting. May God keep you strong to keep doing what you are doing. I remember when you started writing. It was like fun but today, within a short time, your writing is affecting the world. Those days in the office, you will write and write and write. Never tired of writing. I used to call you a 'Great Writer'. Today, my word has come to pass. Well done sir." - Mildred Adeladan (Dr Usman's former secretary)

"Warmest congratulations on your award!" - Amb. Dapo Fafowora

"Congratulations on your award. When will you write in Yoruba and Igbo?" - Tajudeen B. Habib

"Our Great Patron and Friend of LAN (Linguistic Association of Nigeria). Thanks for the article on the Niamey conference. We remain highly proud of your contributions to the revival of Oral Literature and folklore. I am glad to inform you that the International Mother Language Day celebrations went very well, although we missed you. Keep up the good work." - Prof. C. Ohiri-Aniche

"Congrats! I am proud of your achievements." - Prince Lekan Fadina

"Daddy, congratulations on your well-deserved award. Typically, your write-up on your trip makes a captivating read and is very enriching too. 70 years? And you still find it necessary to learn more by embarking on such a long journey of 17 hours? Waoh! A big lesson for those of us who look up to you as a role model!" - M. D. Zaasi

"I appreciate you for making me part of the adventurous trip to Niamey. More importantly I gladly share in the prestigious honours conferred on you and greater ones yet to come because of the distinctive legacies you have left for the younger generation. The highest honours are yet to come. Amen." - Dr. Hanatu Alahira

“My brother folklorist, I love the piece in Punch. I still love eventful journeys.” – Amb. Edward Aina




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