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A History of Biu

Readers' Remarks



A History of Biu, the third in Dr Bukar Usman's "Biu Emirate Studies Series," is a 693-page book of historical narratives so well written and so maturely analytic every reader would pleasantly be carried away by the authenticity of its communal odysseys and the universal candour of its unique socio-cultural realities. Hailed as a notable contribution to Nigerian and African historiography,  A History of Biu "paints a balanced picture of the multi-cultural Biu Emirate society and, through its portrayal of critical social phenomena, unveils the core values knitting together this tolerant over four centuries-old civilization." Scores of colourful pictures complement this comprehensive document of immense value. Below, Dr Usman's readers give their impression of this epoch-making publication. You may choose to post your own comment by navigating to this page.


"It's good, really heartwarming, to read Henry's high rating of A History of Biu. He certainly is one outstanding, consistent and highly committed literary journalists of this generation. His views are taken seriously and unflattering. So, there it goes: A History of Biu is an ace, a magnum opus. Congratulations, sir, and more ink to your pen." -  Ben Tomoloju

"It's a monumental book. Congratulations." - Dr. Mariusz Krasniewski 

"I have just finished reading A History of Biu, one of the best books I have read in the last ten years. I am reviewing the work for publication...You make all of us very proud...May Allah give you good health and energy in your effort to bring our people to world limelight." - Prof. Paul Izah

"Well done Malam Bukar. You make us proud and you well deserve all the accolades you have garnered since retirement from public office. Congrats." - Amb. Baba Kingibe

"Dear President, Nigerian Folklore Society, Dr Bukar Usman. For those who may not know, Dr. Bukar Usman has been in the forefront in the revival of the Nigerian Folklore Society. The society has published 3 books out of the 2 conferences it has had under the leadership of Dr B.Usman. This is to join others to congratulate you on not just launching a website but ensuring that its dynamic and interactive." - Prof. Sani Abba Aliyu

"You are surely a national treasure, a great source of pride to the entire Babur/Bura race, a prolific writer. I am very proud to be associated with you. Thank you." - Gen. Paul C. Tarfa

"Thank you for A History of Biu. May I take this opportunity to register my appreciation of all the literary works for the Biu nation. Nagode sir. Mungode sir." - Birma Ibrahim Shehu

"May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be with you....Sir I have developed an interest in reading your books and articles whenever I was opportuned to  lay my hands on them, and look forward to receiving your new book A History of Biu." - Jibrin Salihu Biu

"Good review! Well deserved. More grease to your elbow." - Prof. Bomi Ogedengbe

"Another nice one, sir." - Prof. Isa Mshelgaru

"Dear Bukar,  your untiring effort in producing this classic, bringing, once again, to the fore, the story of the struggles of a great people in BIU. May Allah bless you, as you strive to pen new books on subjects germane to the history, needs, and yearnings of people everywhere." - George Amadi

"I got the well researched A History of Biu. May Allah pay more than human expectations for your love to your people through this book." - Tijjani Mari

"The history of the chiefdoms of Biu, Mandaragrau and other smaller ones which were the ancient kingdoms of what is now known as Biu Local Government Area of Borno State was a subject of what looked like an intellectual research aimed at revisiting the history of these peoples. This much is the subject of a book titled A History of Biu authored by Dr. Bukar Usman, a retired Federal Permanent Secretary. The book is divided into four sections consisting of 14 chapters which dealt with various aspects of Biu history. In our view, Dr. Bukar Usman deserves to be commended by all sons and daughters of the area for the publication of the rich and beautiful compendium on the story of their past and present all of which are important factors that will determine the future of the area.

     Much as we appreciate Dr. Bukar Usman's efforts in this regard, we never the less are of the view that some contents of the book seem to have raised more questions than answers to key issues related to the history of the people of the Pabir Kingdom. With every due respect to Dr. Bukar Usman, we strongly believe that some sections of the book contain grave errors that need to be addressed for the purpose of correcting and keeping the records straight..." - Mohammed U. Maina, Musa M. Mshelgaya and Saleh Mari Maina

"I have Hatching Hopes and also A History of Biu...I now have nine of your books and enjoy reading immensely...Thanks a lot as you remain one of my role-models in life today." - Isa Aliyu

"Barka da asuba. I am very pleased to see a review of your book on the history of Biu. Thank you for the education." - Prof. Auwalu Yadudu 

"I just finished reading your book titled A History of Biu. I read it to the end. I want to say thank you very much for this wonderful work. I have never been more proud of where I came from. Thank you and may Allah bless you because you have given the young generation a gift of knowing their history." - Barr. Hadiza Bukar

"Excellent. Congratulations. We thank God indeed. I would like to read this all - almost 700 pages!" - Prof. Osato Frank Giwa-Osagie 

"Sir, I am very happy to hear this good news about A History of Biu. Congratulations." - Umar Ali Mulma

 "Congratulations, Mallam Bukar...In the end, talent can't hide for long!" - Ayotunde O.A. Soleye

"Oh yes! That is excellent. It made me happy." - Prof. Isa Mshelgaru

"Congratulations sir. It is a well-deserved recognition and honour." - Finzi Ghaji

"Congratulations sir. This is a well deserved honour. More grease to your elbow. Thanks." - Hon. Wale Okediran

"Congratulations! Labour of love when recognised is very satisfying. Well done." - Dr. Mudiame Giwa-Osagie

"I am not surprised." - Chief Akogun Tola Adeniyi

"Wow, this is a worthy crowning of diligence and commitment to leaving an enduring legacy. Congratulations, sir." - Abdulaziz Ahmad Abdulaziz

"This is indeed a remarkable achievement. Wishing you a lot more achievements." - Mikailu Ibrahim

"Congratulations!" - Barr. Ikechukwu Okeke

"Congrats, sir, on the great strides you have continued to take. It is a worthwhile, enviable and immortal way to spend one's retirement." - Akeem Lasisi

"Dear Bukar, thanks for penning A History of Biu, chosen as Book of the Year 2015! I am proud of the perseverance you invested in the arduous project that in almost ten years culminated in this masterfully-crafted must-read book. Your untiring effort as author par excellence can only but bear fruit time and time again. With a ravishing appetite for hard work, the sky is the limit. I pray that Almighty Allah will grant you long life, inspiration, and wisdom with which to plod on with the determination to produce more works imbued with invaluable knowledge that will be worthy of glowing commendation." - George Amadi

"I have definitely learnt a lot about your literary activities and the appreciation many people have for it. The Sun wrote a nice 'book of the year' article about your new book A History of Biu. Congratulations, sir!‎ I will definitely try to get a copy of the book the next time I am in Nigeria. It sounds very interesting." - Tayo Adenigba

"Congratulations sir." - Dr. Osayuki Giwa-Osagie

"...an excellent book. I will surely add it to my library as I see common features with the history of my area, Zuru. Sannu da aiki sir. You are invaluable to the Biu people and Nigeria. I thank God for letting me learn from you while in the service of our nation." - Sunday Dogonyaro

"...I am always interested in reading historical sketches of people, towns and empires of Northern Nigeria, and especially Biu from where I had a great mentor in the person of Malam Ibrahim Damcida and many friends and school mates." - Usman Kaikai

"That those who deleted history from the curriculum of our schools are shortsighted is an understatement: May God bless Nigeria with farsighted leaders." - HE Dr Bolere E

"My dear brother, you are enriching our literary world, for which many of us are grateful to you. My only worry these days is that the reading culture in our country seems to be moribund. I don't see our young people with books anymore or in public libraries in many cities and towns these days.  Do you agree with me or is it my own imagination?" - Amb. Segun Apata

     Dr Usman's Response: YE, thank you very much for the compliments. About your observation on reading culture, especially among the young ones, you are largely correct. Their attention is focused more on ICT, smart phones and Google as well as on television. But my little literary experience so far has led me to conclude that in spite of those lures many still cherish reading,  especially if they see a well-produced book. I say so judging by the encouraging demand for the folktale books (Books 1-15) I produced and for the historical, biographical and public-policy administration books of mine as well. I appreciate your thought-provoking comments as always. With warm regards."

"Thanks for your prompt response. It is encouraging that your feedback points in the direction that some of our young folks still find time to read books. On my part, I always encourage or sometimes cajole these young people that there is much to learn from books than TV or the web. We as parents and grandparents have a pivotal role to play in ensuring that the reading culture rebounds. Very warm regards." - Amb. Segun Apata

"Good morning, sir. Apata is frank in his submission about young people not reading anymore. Last year, I designed and suggested a nationwide reading campaign for the Buhari government, which I believed would be much better than the 'Bring Back the Book" reading campaign of the previous administration... It, among others, aims to revive the reading culture across ages and sectors nationwide." - Henry Akubuiro

"Yes sir, I agree with Henry Akubuiro that A History of Biu should be the ‘Book of the Year' in the non-fiction category. By the way, I also read the review by Anote Ajeluorou in The Guardian on Sunday. The book deserves all the accolades, and only disciplined minds like yours can produce it." - Dr Adegoke Adegoroye

"Congratulations on the recognition of your historic book on Biu as Nigeria's Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2015. Indeed your work deserves such a recognition." - Nuhu Gworgwor

"... a scintillating presentation, which makes it a compelling read." - Japh Nwosu

"Congratulations on the recognition... May God continue to   give  you grace, wisdom , good health and long life." - Prince Lekan Fadina

"The review of the book makes reading it very tantalising. Allah shi kara." - Chief Raymond Ihyembe 

"I sincerely congratulate you on your book's publication and the Sun reviewer's excellent work. Your book merits  being the 'Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2015' in terms of content,design and print quality. You definitely made history through A History of Biu." - Salisu Saleh Na'inna

"Congratulations. You are a great academic. We must emulate you as soon as we retire." - Cyril Uchenna Gwam

"Congratulations on the awesome review/recognition, very well deserved. Haven't finished the book yet due to time constraints but the historical facts and pictures are very intriguing...can't wait to finish." - Titi Olaoye

"Congratulations, sir, on all your accomplishments - past and present. You continue to be a pride to all of us who know you. May you continue to ‘flourish' in both mind and body." - Prof. Angela Freeman Miri

"Bukar, thanks. I will like to know more about Biu. When we nicknamed you Bukar Biu it was the rhyme. Now I want to be educated." - Engr. Faderin Iyun

"I have read through this excellent book, A History of Biu. Your community has every reason to be proud of you for documenting their history. It will be cherished by generations to come. As observed, many eminent people especially from Biu have gone through the book and offered useful advice. There is need for wide publicity through book launch and public presentation so that it will be brought to the knowledge of academic institutions and researchers." - Francis Fariku

Your book A History of Biu (The 3rd in the Biu Emirate Study Series) is outstanding. Thank you for committing your time, energy, resources and talent to producing such a work in honour of our heritage. Again, thank you for an exceptional display of your writing skills and sharing with us your professionalism as in your previous works. - Tahir Usman Kadafur

"Since your latest book, A History of Biu, landed our office yesterday, many of my colleagues have been besieging my desk to glean through it. The packaging alone is superb. The online editor, who studied history for BA, has threatened to steal it if I don't give him a complimentary copy. I am in trouble. Yours is a masterpiece!" - Henry Akubuiro

"You have been extremely busy contributing to our intellectual property landscape. I rejoice with you that you have effortless added the history of your beloved Biu to your body of works. Congratulations and best wishes." - Segun Akpata

"Congratulations. You are really prolific." - Cyril Uchenna Gwam

"Thank you for your untiring effort in producing this classic, bringing, once again, to the fore, the story of the struggles of the people of Biu. A History of Biu has joined your ever-growing collection of books that enrich the mind. May Allah bless you, as you strive to pen new books on subjects germane to the yearnings of people everywhere." - George Amadi

"Congratulations sir." - Usman Aboki

"Great! Congratulations! It's a book well written: articulate, comprehensive, well researched and documented. I love the cover design - the hill as Biu trade mark and the apt emphasis on the title is  commendable. My best regards" - H.A. Alahira

"Congratulations to my father, the great philosopher and writer. You are really the Masani of Biu. May Almighty Allah give you long life and good health to continue this contribution to human knowledge and development." - Isa Garba Halidu

"You are a gift to our generation. With great respect." - S T Dogonyaro

"I appreciate you the erudite scholar and writer for the wonderful book, A History of Biu. Very well-written, unparalleled research... We of today and those yet unborn cannot thank you enough. You are simply God's gift to Biu." - Gen. M. Said (rtd.)

"Sir, if I am not mistaken I think you're the first person to publish many books within Biu local government... More grease to your elbow." - Ma'aji Chos

"I felt quite humble when I received A History of Biu with your autograph. When I opened page 1 I couldn't stop myself from venturing to the next page and the next page... It's rich, well-written, articulate, scholarly, incisive and thought-provoking piece of literature. I was more captivated in Chapter 2 (the origin of Biu and the role of the legendary character Yamtarawala). Good work, sir." - Magaji Mohammed Dambatta

"Let me express my gratitude for A History of Biu. I initially under-estimated the potential size of the book. It is a great achievement for you, for Biu Emirate. You have enriched Nigerians and the world at large with the history and cultural heritage of Biu Emirate. Please accept my hearty congratulations. I am highly honoured to be associated with this wonderful project. My very best wishes." - Malam Mohammed Ibrahim, Makaman Ringim

"A History of Biu is excellent job as usual. It is a must read. This time we have to launch this book publicly - for and by indigenes of Biu." - Yamta Iza

"Thank you for your masterpiece on Biu History. The time and money you spend in producing the books is worthy of commendation. The sons and daughters of Biu will all be happy to see this masterpiece that will be beneficial to all and to those yet unborn. May the Almighty Allah (SWT) continue to uplift your writing skill. Congratulations." - Hajiya Aishatu S. Mohammed

"A History of Biu is a treasure of knowledge and so will have to be put to the best use. Thanks." - Prof. Isa Mshelgaru

"Here's expressing my profound appreciation for A History of Biu... It proved further your love and passion for family values and tradition. Here's wishing you good health and God's guidance and vigour to serve humanity in many years to come." - Malam Adamu Sidi

"Such a rare scholarly work on Biu Emirate is a breakthrough in history that will ever be celebrated, especially among those of us that have our root deeply embedded in Biu. You have done us proud in having our own chronicling our history, culture and civilization. May Allah (SWT) continue to increase you in wisdom for the benefit of humanity." - Musa Ajiya

"You are surely a national treasure, a great source of pride to the entire Babur/Bura race, a prolific writer. I am very proud to be associated with you. Thank you." - Gen. Paul C. Tarfa

"Thank you for A History of Biu. May I take this opportunity to register my appreciation of all the literary works for the Biu nation. Nagode sir. Mungode sir." - Birma Ibrahim Shehu

Dear Dr, I cannot thank you enough for A History of Biu and Folklore and History: Twin Rivers of World Heritage. It is important to see the award bestowed on you and Dr. Shettima Ali Monguno while His Eminence the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa'ad Abubakar III, was there.

     In your acknowledgements in A History of Biu you have appreciated the contributions made by individuals and I thank you for that. Some of the people mentioned therein are no longer alive, may their souls rest in peace. I remember Alhaji Ibrahim Damcida was eager to see you, but he left the world without seeing you. You have become a prolific writer, a researcher and a historian. You have been able to capture (in A History of Biu) pictures of some of the emirs and chiefs which is not easy. You have done a wonderful job because you are still fresh.  

     This book produced by you is second to none among all the books written on Biu. I will suggest to Biu Emirate to ask you to produce more copies for them. They can put it in their libraries and schools for reference purposes because it will help our children to learn more about Biu. Some of the things mentioned in your book are not known to all. You have done marvelously well. The physical location of Biu and the origin of Biu were clearly defined. The settlement history of Biu groups, each group/district with its traditions and languages and even tribal marks (because Biu emirate has so many tribes and traditions) were clearly spelt out. There was also important information about almost all the emirs in the North.

     Your narration on the history of the native administration of the colonial era was good. You were right that after Independence some changes were made. I remember caps like those of Pakistanis were produced for administrators so that they can use it in the bush and instead of Divisional Officers (D.O) administrative officers of divisions were renamed Chairmen of Local Governments. Several other changes were done.

     It is interesting to see how you collected the names of trees, birds and animals. Many people do not know them. Our boys will learn them from your book. Your book is educative and informative. You have done a vigorous job. I do not think someone will x-ray the picture of Biu as you have done. Biu Emirate can deal with some of the points raised by you. If they are addressed, it will help us and our children yet unborn... The land of Biu has tomatoes and many other things in abundance. Employment can be generated through many ways. Once again, I congratulate you.

     I saw where you mentioned about Biu Dam (pages 290-292), the project which has remained uncompleted for the past 30 years. There are many other uncompleted state projects. The present government has promised to tackle the problems. I was once the Chairman of the State Water Board. I took over the work (i.e Biu Dam) when it was 18% completed and work reached 81%. Then all the Boards of the State were dissolved. Engineer Tata Askira was appointed. It was the time Abdu One Mohammed was the Governor. I know if this project (Biu Dam) is completed it will help Biu Emirate. The water transmission will go to Miringa, Kwaya Kusar, Marama etc which will help reduce unemployment in those areas.

     I wish to show my appreciation for the way you wrote A History of Biu. I appreciate what you did because I lived through the modern era covered by your book. I started working in Northern Nigeria Kaduna in 1952. I worked in various Ministries and institutions: Premier's office, Health, and Local Governments, Security, Information, Northern Nigerian Development Corporation (NNDC), Agric. Samaru Zaria and Civil Service Commission (C.S.C).

     We were deployed to the states during Yakubu Gowon's Regime. I was posted as D.O in-charge of Nguru local government. All my luggage were sent to Nguru, but when I reached my headquarters in Maiduguri I was asked to take over from one expatriate officer Mr. Longe Horn, because he was going to UK for six months leave. On his return I was posted to Sardauna Province to take charge of Mubi and Gwoza but was based in Mubi. I stayed for a while, as D.O, after that I was sent to Gashaka Mambilla as D.O. In the olden days we were all Magistrate Grade III and Coroner.    

     From Mambilla I was posted to Kurmi Local Government Ba'issa and then to Katagum Azure. After I stayed in Katagum for two years I was reposted to headquarters Maiduguri. In Malduguri I worked as Secretary Local Government Service Board, Secretary C.S.C, where we went overseas to recruit teachers, engineers and doctors. We visited UK, Paris, India, Sri-lanka, Pakistan, Hong Kong and many other countries.

     I retired in 1985, and was appointed as Director Borno Investment Company. After working there for six months, I was appointed Commissioner in the C.S.C where I served for ten years. While I was working in the Civil Service Commission I was asked by the Federal Government (during General Babangida regime) to go to Adamawa (formerly Gongola State) and Yobe State to inspect some DFRRI projects. I toured the whole of the states and submitted a report to Lagos.

     I received a merit award for good services during the period of Ibrahim Dada an Air Commodore and the Sole Administrator Borno State. In the years passed I was appointed as one of the members to review the constitution. I was also appointed as a member of a panel when there was a riot in our House of Assembly when cars and the Printing Press were burnt and officials beaten.

     In 1985, we were asked by the Government to go to Local Governments to set up a good foundation for them. Some of the Senior Permanent Secretaries were nominated and I was one of them. I did in Kaga Local Government (Benisheikh).

     After working for 44 years, now due to ill-health and old age, we cannot do more. But we appreciate what you are doing. We pray to almighty Allah to reward you abundantly. Best wishes. - Abubakar Adamu Biu

I read the review and found out that the reviewer has actually read and comprehended the content of the book. He did his job in a way that stirs interest, raised curiousity and discouraged the reader from abandoning the book before reading it all. It is a commendable review. Congratulations, Sir." - Salisu Na'inna

"May Allah bless our royal father the Emir of Biu and our able father Dr. Bukar Usman. With your efforts you have created insight into the people of Biu about their origin." - Abubakar Hanafi Aliyu Garga, the grandson of Galadima Wuriwa 

"I really appreciate your contribution to make life meaningful. I read a few of your books such as Language Disappearance, Stick of Fortune, Girl-Child Education. They are really informative. Thank you sir." - A. Kagu Abba -

"Allah ya kara basira daga Asiya Rigachikun Kaduna" - Asiya Mustapha -

"Sallam wallahi wallahi jiya an yi magana akanka a programme na Arewa sosai yadda kake rubuce-rubuce da kuma kada a manta da harsuna abubuwa dai da yawa yadda kake contributing munji dadi fiye da misali. Allah Ya biya.  Allah kumaYa kara basira" - Maina Abba Mai Mohammed Aliyu Biu

"Dr, you are a dynamic philanthropist in Biu community and promoter of education through global change. May Allah uplift you more ahead." - Mohammed Umar Midala

The quotations below from Yemi Adebisi's review of the A History of Biu speak volumes of the success and impact made by your contribution in assembling and processing knowledge for humanity:

     "The language is lucid and it's almost difficult to fish out grammatical or typographical errors from Usman's compendium.

     "With the scholastic details, as presented in the latest publication of this public-policy icon referred to as folklorist and expert in national security, Usman has given to us an evergreen history of a great people and culture. He has used his prolific prowess to redefine the essence of appreciation of natural endowment.

     "This book is recommended to all those who cherish creativity at its best all over the world."

     All I will add is congratulations and may your ink continue to flow in producing more of such great works. - Salisu Saleh Na'inna

 "Thank you so much for your various published books. The fact that the books delved into the Biu History and rich cultural context as well as national issues applicable to the girl-child is profound. Being a daughter of that region means my children will especially cherish these books years to come! Once again, I appreciate your thoughtfulness while wishing you and the family, all the best. May God continue to empower you and your household for even greater works." - Dr. Lucy Surhyel Newman

"Na ga sakon ka na gode. Allah ya saka da alheri Amin. Allah ya kara maka basiran wallafa wasu Littattafan. Amin." - Cdr Madu Abba Biu 

"My dear elder brother, Dr. Bukar Usman. Best wishes to you and your esteemed family. I received from Alh. Dunoma the book you authored, A History of Biu. It excellently captured the economic, socio-cultural perspectives of Biu Emirate. The features on Wakoki (songs), Leadership, Security and National Development are most educative. Thanks." - General Garba Audu (rtd).

"Thank you for the books which will not only help my student but also help us at Adamawa State University (ADSU) Mubi as model of what we want to do." - Prof. Hamman Tukur Saad

"May God continue to bless you and give you good health to enable you continue to do this excellent service to humanity. Best regards to the family." - Anjikwi Musa Ciwar

"A Narrative so enriching so inspiring! Truly! Just read "A History of Biu" as reviewed in today's Thisday. Well done Sir! May your pen never run dry!" -Dr. Timiebi Koripamo-Agary

"I'm extremely grateful for the well researched History of Biu. I'm indeed proud of your courage. May Allah reward your efforts a million times." - Gen. G. Kachallah

"Many thanks. May ALLAH bestow blessings and knowledge on your family. Many have expressed that you are their mentor because of your publication of the Biu Emirate Studies Series (BESS) books 1, 2&3. In fact you have put BIU in world history. My high regards." -Umar Maidala

"Thank you very much indeed for the autographed copy of A History of Biu. I felt highly favoured to have a hard copy. Sincere warm regards to the family." - Prof. Gidado Tahir

"Doc. Salam. Na samu takardu including A History of Biu book. I don't even know what to say to express my pride in what you are doing. For sure, it is a challenge to the rest of us. Kai Allah Ya kara maka basira, mu kumaYa bamu ikon mu koyeka. Wassalam." - Dr. Shettima Mustafa

"Sir, a rare germ does not escape the eyes of a Merchant. Allah ya bar mana kai Yallab'ai." - Prof. Andrew Haruna

"I enjoyed the review by George Chijioke Amadi. He was detailed but simple, without complicating or losing the details, and indeed the essence of the work. Our appreciations and best regards." - Omadachi Oklobia

"I write to acknowledge receipt of the email and to thank you for the effort in trying to record accounts of all the history of our heritage. May Allah spare your life in good health and add more wisdom to you.... Thank you and God bless." -Shehu Usman Aiyu

"The review by George Chijioke Amadi in the Sun newspaper...is a very thrilling review!!! I enjoyed reading it. Best regards." - Ikechukwu Okeke

Keep up the good job. Remain blessed - Amb. Ketebu Bolere

"Congratulations sir. I read the review by George Chijioke Amadi in last Sunday's edition of The Sun." -Dr. Wale Okediran


"I have read the review by George Chijioke Amadi and cut it into my collection of your books. However, I need the book itself for my library.  Please send a copy and accept my best regards." - Amb. Jibrin D. Chinade

"Salam. Baba nagode sosai, da ka tuna da ni. Zan bi wannan review din sosai, sai dai ayi hakuri da mu dalibai. Zan yi tambayoyi in na gama bibiyyar wannan makala. Danka." - Bello Hamisu Ida

"The review of your book by George Amadi is an excellent piece. Regards." - Prof. Damian Opata

"Thank you very much sir and well done for your efforts. God bless." - Chief (Dr) J.O. Omuya­

"Thank you Sir The review by George Chijioke Amadi in Thisday is quite inspiring. Regards." -  Prof. Isa Mshelgaru

"Thank you very much sir. I acquired a lot of information about our dear State by reading your informative books. Much more thanks to you. May Allah lead your best intentions." - Abba Kagu

"I hope you are very well. This was a very good and detailed review by George Chijioke Amadi. I hope you are indeed inspired, like the reviewer said, to write about other parts of Nigeria as well. Kind regards." - Tayo Adenigba

"Assalamu alaikum. Alangubro. Dr. My name is Madu M. Adamu (MM Adamu). I called to congratulate as well as thank you for the genuine efforts, resources and commitment you have put in the production of various texts of the history of Biu. Your efforts are unparalleled amongst the sons and daughters of Biu. May Allah (SWT) reward you immensely. Amin." - Madu M. Adamu

"We (King's College Old Boys) all recall Bukar's surname, when he entered the portals of King's in 1964, for a long while was BIU. Methinks, with recent revelations, PH Davis was right. Biu today is a global name...thanks to B. U. Biu. I rest my case. Floreat Collegium." - Busuyi Onabolu

I write to show my appreciation for the book A History of Biu. Kudos for your efforts and more grease to your elbow.  Thank you very much. In fact more people want to have copies. Alh. Shettima Abba said I should extend his regard to you, when I personally took his copy to him.  - Aminu Chamalwa

I wish to, gratefully, acknowledge the receipt of the autographed copy of your book, A History of Biu. I sincerely commend and thank you for this unique compendium on Biu Emirate which gives account of its people, royalty, history, culture, traditions and geography. The book is so detailed and explicit that it could as well be referred to as the "Encyclopedia of Biu." Thank you and God bless. - Alhaji Mohammed Adam, MFR

Ranka ya dade! My warm regards. My name is Ibrahim A. Kwajafa working at the Border Communities Development Agency Abuja. I have had the privilege of reading a newspaper review of your book on Biu. The review was quite informative. Thanks. - Ibrahim A. Kwajafa

Assalamu Allaikum Sir. Hope you are doing great. I want to commend you for the good work you have been doing in writing those amazing books, especially the one I am currently reading, "A History of Biu." Honestly speaking Sir, there is no time in my life that I felt such joy and so proud and happy about my tribe and culture than when I started reading this book, which my father "Alhaji Ibrahim Mustapha Kamanja" gave me to read. It is so interesting, well-researched and informative. I always love reading it for him and asking him questions which he really enjoyed. I even called his childhood friend "Alhaji Ibrahim Usman (IBUS)" to ask him about a 90 year old woman you mentioned in the book `Ya Patum Kuru' whether he knew her because of the name "Kuru" who he said she gave you the information about the establishment of Galtimari settlement in the year 2014. I felt she must be from another Kuru because he knew all of his aunts who were alive at that time (2014). Thank you very much Sir. - Abdulrazak Ibrahim Mustapha

Mal. Abdulrazak,

Thank you very much for the compliments. Having expressed such interest in the book you deserve a personal copy. Please provide an address to which the book should be sent to you. You may also need to provide your phone number. You may also wish to visit www.bukarusman.com and www.archives/bukarusman. With best regards. - Dr. Bukar Usman

Dr. Usman, I called many times to acknowledge the receipt of the very valuable package you sent to me recently. You are such a prolific writer and the subject matters are unique. I shall begin to read the folktales to entertain myself. Thank you very much - Hon. Justice Samson Uwaifo

Dear Bukar, thank you very much. It's a very interesting read! Best regards. - Mariusz Kraniewski

My dear Alhaji Bukar, I must send you my warm appreciation and many thanks for the wonderful gift of the book, A History of Biu, which you authored! I am highly honoured by this special book gift. - Prof. Emeritus N.M. Gadzama

Good evening, Dr. I want to acknowledge receipt of A HISTORY OF BIU. I want to congratulate you on this feat! You have done well for our people and I want to thank you for sending me a copy. I have heard of you and the great work you are doing (through Prof. Andrew Haruna). In fact, he gave me copies of your two earlier books! I appreciate your kind gesture. Wish you greater successes in your future endeavours - Dr. (Mrs)Kujara S. Ndahi

I received the books today. The books are great! I never knew you have works outside of the literary genre. I am so eager to read about the History of Biu people. - Arowolo Ayoola

Oh my God! Farin ciki yayi min yawa...Na gode sosai. Sako sun iso naji dadi. Kowa suna maka godiya. Allah ya kara maka budi....Na gode! Na gode!! - Fatima Ibrahim Garba Danborno

I am extremely humbled by the depth, knowledge, accuracy and richness of the contents of the book, A History of Biu.

     There was so much of which I could directly relate to especially, the individuals of whom I am personally related. It will forever have a place in our home. My daughters were thoroughly engrossed in its contents and now appreciate more than ever their rich culture and heritage of which I could do no justice. Thank you, sir.

     May God bless you for preserving our rich untold history and culture and may this book also inspire the younger generation to uphold the culture for generations to come.

     I would like to (with your permission) also introduce the book to a few of the schools and libraries here in Atlanta to help broaden their knowledge of other African cultures unknown to them.

     I look forward to someday meeting you, in person. God bless and keep you and increase you with wisdom, knowledge and strength to continue. - Muhammed M. Dikko Jr, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.



Leadership, Security and National Development

Readers' Remarks



Leadership, Security and National Development, one of Dr Usman's latest books, was originally a lecture he delivered at the Abdullahi Smith Hall of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, on January 20, 2015. The event, which was declared open by the university's Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Abdullahi Mustapha, was presided over by Alhaji Muazu Ada,mu, Wazirin Fika. This book is a compilation of the address itself and the response of the audience to Dr Usman's scholarly submissions. Click the "Readers Remarks" link below to see the views of the author's audience. You may choose to post your own comment by navigating to this page



My Literary Journey

Readers' Remarks



My Literary Journey, the long-awaited literary autobiography of the award-winning folklorist, essayist, and creative writer, Dr. Bukar Usman, has been published. The book not only chronicles the author's march to literary accolades but offers useful principles on the art of writing itself. Below, his readers give their impression of this exciting new book. You may choose to post your own comment by navigating to this page


"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful gift of your literary work... If you had chosen writing as a career instead of the civil service, we will all be singing praises of another Wole Soyinka or Chinua Achebe..and King's College would have enjoyed it's own share in that field... Some of the stories could well be adapted into theatrical plays or even films. Congratulations." - Prince Tola Sotinwa 

"Thanks for your literary journey. I read and enjoyed it. May Allah guide and bless you with longer life to be of service to humanity." - Lawal Idris

"We should be thankful and grateful to Allah the Almighty for giving you good health, brain, wisdom, courage, experience, exposure and determination as well as resources to carry out your literary projects... I am proud of you as a brother. Remain ever blessed." – Alh. Madu Umar

"Good evening, Dr Bukar. No one says anything you don't deserve. In a few days I shall complete reading the '...journey'. However, i already have enjoyed some of your exchanges with Amb Segun Apata and Dr Obiozor's comments. Thanks for including me on page 118. Judging by how the intelligentsia read and responded in enough numbers to your articles I feel hopeful for Nigeria. We do recognise what is right afterall." - Amb. Kabir Ahmed

"I wish to congratulate you on the publication of your new book My Literary Journey... The quality of the book's printing and presentation is remarkable. I also want to invite you to an event to mark the 50 years of the publication of Chinua Achebe's Arrow Of God ..." - Dr. Wale Okediran

"I can tell you thousands of young people especially will benefit immensely from the books. God will reward you abundantly for this single gesture concerned with propagating knowledge. Thank you so very much." - Prof. Nkem Okoh

"My Literary Journey is a smart book and a unique contribution to literary culture. Many readers will find it thought-provoking. Keep up the good work." - H.S. Abubakar



Get your copy of Dr Usman's My Literary Journey



Language Disappearance and Cultural Diversity in Biu Emirate

Readers' Remarks



Language Disappearance and Cultural Diversity in Biu Emirate is Dr Bukar Usman's technical text on the subject of Biu Emirate's threatened languages. The book, whose case studies are taken from the linguistic realities of Biu Emirate, is by no means local in perspective. It is a global wake-up call and copious references to the situation of troubled languages around the world gives the book a well-deserved universal appeal. Below, his readers give their impression of this scholarly work. You may choose to post your own comment by navigating to this page


Doctor, I was a guest on the NTA programme Good Morning Nigeria which was on language endangerment in the country. Myself and two other guests did our best to alert Nigerians on the urgency of the problem and the need for all of us to do something fast to save our languages. I am glad your correspondents are also showing the same alarm. We in LAN have been advocating for a language policy summit, along he lines that you have in places such as South Africa and India which would help us come out with comprehensive and implementable recommendations to safeguarding our languages and ensure everyone's language flourishes once more. Alas, neither the Federal Ministries of Education and Culture nor the Senate have responded in the past...

May  I also now complete my comments on the COE Zuba address. LAN has been prominent in encouraging and working with different speech communities to work on their languages. In the last three years, LAN members have collaborated with the NERDC and some of the following communities to produce their orthographies and curricula for primary schools -  Urhobo, Delta State, .Ijaw, Bayelsa Stae Jukun, Taraba State. These have all been presented at the Joint Consultative Council (JCC) and National Council on Education. In addition the orthography for Cl'ela in Kebbi State has also been completed and is due for presentation at the next JCC. Beyond, these concrete results, LAN constantly does advocacy work with communities, and State Houses of Assembly urging them to start supporting the production of their orthographies, curricula and primers for use in schools.

As I had mentioned sometime ago, we now have a competent computer keyboard for typing Nigerian languages. It is the Koinyin Nigeria Multilingual Keyboard, produced by LANCOR Management. based in Lagos. The contact person is Mrs Funmi Oyekusibe, Tel. 08033161085. You and your workers might wish to examine the one I have at my place to see if it could be of use to you. - Prof. Chinyere Ohiri-Aniche, President, Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN)

    Hi Doc Bukar. Thank you for this wonderful write up. It is really timely, encouraging and a welcome development.
    While it is true that a lot of languages across the world, especially  minority languages, are facing extinction, lack of patriotism and mental laziness are fundamental factors causing all these problems.    
    Colonialism has brought education and development in our country despite some of its negative impacts . Never the less colonialism has opened us to various fields of knowledge like science , arts and even languages. Today you will be surprised to see that a lot of university Dons travel to london and other european countries for further studies in languages including Hausa . The europe were able to develop school of oriental studies to study and preserve language and culture . This is not the case in most developing countries
    The decline in native language value is not only limited to the minorities but the Big Three in Nigeria are not excluded. In Hausa land, language grammar is no longer common among city dwellers and that is why language spoken in the city and village are quite distinct and most often communications is not done very well if the two are talking
    What we may need to do is to have oriental schools in our educational system so that language and culture is preserved and taught from primary to secondary schools as these are the foundational institutions for all young people and the ones that impact much on culture and language.
    The minority groups are facing language decline due to job mobility and globalisation of communication. A lot of the native speakers of the so called minority languages like Sayawa, Babur, Kare-kare, Southern Kaduna and Plateau languages have distinguished themselves academically but their localities are not developed enough to absorb them and as so they travel far away to apply their knowledge and make a living . In their pursuit of knowledge and job they migrate from their locality to completely different environments and this forces them to adopt an acceptable form of communication by speaking another language.
    Inter tribal marriage has also helped in reducing the value of local languages as English is often adopted, to create understanding, as means of communication in the family.
    Colonial mentality by elites, whereby children are encouraged to behave more like white men there by relegating their culture and language, is also another cause.
    Nevertheless, your brilliant thought in writing this topic is really wonderful and commendable . This will surely provoke new thinking in our educational system . I hope our universities will be well funded to widen their research into languages and culture and not just concentrate on the sciences.
    I salute your courage, intelligence and foresight in writing on critical society issues and may you continue to grow stronger in faith , knowledge and good health. - Mudi Hashim

"I read it yesterday Sir. I can see you using your environmental terminologies effectively; after all Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity, being inextricably interlinked, meet at the point of human interaction with the environment. Cultural Diversity can be seen as largely the outcome of human interactions in a biologically diverse environment..." - Adegoke Adegoroye

"This type of work is long overdue... Our languages are all in the process of dying, some at a much faster rate than others. This is good stuff coming from somebody who is already doing so much on folklore. The linkage of the two is obvious. Dr Hanatu and myself attempted to document all names of the flora and fauna in Kilba language ( at least the ones we remembered ) a few years back but we did not go far unfortunately. Thank you for the good job you are doing sir." - Finzi Ghaji

"I have read the review of your latest fantastic book. Prior to reading it, I was of the view that efforts should be done to fuse minor languages into a dominant one within each community. For instance in Biu, there should not be more than one or at least two. This is because, in Nigeria, there is the tendency for each language group to demand for the creation of its identity (state or local government). And any state or L/G created, produced an agitation by a minority group within the new area to demand its own identity/territory not for development purposes but for a few to benefit. This is the tendency across the nation. I hope you have seen on TV debate at the House of Reps over the Niger Delta budget consideration members from the area were at war over allocation to certain areas which they regarded as producing less crude oil to justify allocation proposed to each So what is the justification. My thinking is that for ease of communication and integration, communities who share language similarities should develop a single language and promote it." - Saad Baba

"An apt review by someone who knows the issues at stake. Without being sentimental, though nostalgic, the Review captured the essential points being made in the book by one of the greatest "Legendary Story Teller" (using the words of the Reviewer) of our time. It is very tempting for me to continue my commentary, but I don't want to water down the excellent account by the reviewer, so all that I can say for now is "Allah ya bar mana kai domin haskaka illimi da kake wa masu zuwa daga baya. Duk inda ake maganar cin gaban all'uma wajen barin gurbi mai kyau ka yi shi kuma har yanzu kana kai. Allah ya ba da tsaon rai cikin k'oshin lafiya." - Prof. Andrew Haruna

"Well written." - Isma'ila A Tsiga

"Many indigenous languages are dying, including Tiv and Ibo. Many of our children cannot read or write Tiv. They think it is a sign of civilization if they communicate in English." - Raymond Ihyembe

"Please permit me to say that you are not only amazingly prolific, you are even more resourceful and versatile in a multiplicity of fields. I am still looking for the secret. You will let me into it some day?!" - Prof. Nkem Okoh

"I read the review in the newspaper.  It is a good job, which should send everyone thinking and working to preserve the significant heritage which goes with languages and dialects." - Salisu Na'inna



Girl-Child Education in Biu Emirate: the Early Years

Readers' Remarks



Girl-Child Education in Biu Emirate: the Early Years is about the travails and triumphs of the first Biu Emirate girls who battled against gender discrimination and other social barriers to acquire Western education and become catalysts and agents of social change in their families, work places and the larger society. What animates this social chronicle is Dr Bukar Usman's focus on the girls and the challenges of their educational quest and the author's practical recommendations aimed at gender parity in school enrollment and in educational and carrier opportunities at all levels. Below are some readers' feedback. You may choose to post your own comment by navigating to this page


"Girl Child Education in Biu Emirate: the Early Years is a very good read and a must-have for family. Certainly education is a gift for life!" - Hafsa S. Abubakakar

"Wishing you happy national birthday and congratulations for your latest book on girl child education which has catapulted you beyond a nationalist to gender sensitive, gender friendly and gender balanced compatriot. I wish you long life to enjoy blessings and appreciation from God and man." -H.A.Alahira

"Thank you for ... your latest book on the imperative of girl-child education in Biu emirate.l congratulate you on the educstive, informative and historical book that gives us a better understanding of the importance of education as an instrument of development. I hope we will be able to explore avenue for a reading session either in Abuja and/or in Lagos. ... Please keep up the good work, you have proved to all that there is life after retirement and that one does not have to amass all the wealth and material things to make an impact. I have been inspired by your contributions to knowledge, human development ... May Allah continue to grant you His wisdom, good health and all you wish and pray for in life." - Prince Lekan Fadina

"I am looking for girl child education in Biu emirate and other related books to share with my children leaving in Canda. I saw some of the good works of the author with my brother HE Alhaji Adamu S Y Dibal, former Deputy Governor of Borno State." - Daniel D. Dibal

"Thank you for ‘Imperatives of girl-child education in nation building: The Biu emirate example' as reviewed by the Pilot Newspaper... What struck me were the comments made by Hashim Mudi. Indeed his comment on your effort was succinctly and rightly captured, and I agree that "The book should be made available in all Northern states councils for education, emirate councils and universities as it will serve as a guide to policy makers in education." I strongly support his suggestion even if I am aware how costly it would be. May you continue to be blessed for affecting people's lives positively." - Dawn Meneh Zaasi

"A well researched book worth reading. I have shared it on Facebook. Kudos to my great friend and brother ... sharing knowledge with the masses and scholars alike." - Akogun Tola Adeniyi


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