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This site is managed by the Office of Dr. Bukar Usman. We are dedicated to providing to all our visitors indepth information on the various areas of Dr. Usman's public, literary, cultural, and social endeavours and linkages. We are particularly here to publish regularly Dr. Usman's research, writing and audio-visuals in the area of Africa's oral literary arts. As one of Africa's foremost retellers of folktales for the modern - nay universal - audience, Dr. Bukar Usman intends to use this site to attract and retain a global audience for some of the stimulating tales his diligent research has unearthed from his native Biu area and beyond. For those interested in contemporary issues, a section of this site is devoted to Dr. Usman's articles on current questions of local and universal interest. 
   As a multiculturalist, Dr. Usman will be interested in sharing stories and cultural data with researchers, writers and readers from around the world. Publishers of relevant web sites who will be interested in exchanging links with us are welcome. Folk story writers from around the world, who may like their stories published on this site, should feel free to forward them as e-mail attachments to info@bukarusman.com. 
   Beyond these, we shall be giving you other offerings from time to time. Registered members of this site will, in the near future, access from here, at a discount, exotic art works, traditional crafts and implements, local fabrics and dresses, etc, and other cultural objects from the unique socio-cultural milieu in which Dr. Usman's folk stories are rooted. 
   We shall also be offering FREE travel advisory services and tourist features to all visitors who may be planning to visit some of Nigeria's - and indeed Africa's - tourist destinations.
   We welcome you to much more on this multifaceted site!

Our Goals
  • To contribute to the prservation of Africa's oral literary arts by bringing to light Dr. Bukar Usman's research and work in this area; and to partner with others interested in or doing similar work around the world. 
  • To convey historical and cultural facts about little-known sections of Africa, their peoples and cultures.
  • To promote international understanding through socio-cultural, literary and personal exchanges.
  • To serve as a vibrant medium for presenting current issues and data which will be of interest to different persons around the world.

Our office in Abuja, Nigeria.


Service Overview


We are a highly responsive organization, ready to serve every person or group interested in our kind of research, work, or products.

  • Assistance to relevant persons or groups interested in conducting literary,historical or cultural research in the Biu area of Nigeria's Borno state.
  • Free publication on this site of folk stories from contributors across the world. (Please manuscripts should be in English or be accompanied by an English translation. Note also that we will not be in a position to pay royalties.)
  • Free travel advisory and features on some of Africa's tourist destinations.
  • Occasional offer of African arts and crafts at discounted prices.
  • Translation of relevant folk literatures into Hausa language.
  • Free lecture by Dr. Bukar Usman on Africa's oraturesto universities and cultural groups across the world.
  • Public-policy consulting to multilateral organisations, especially on sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Grants to indigent persons and groups by the Bukar Usman Foundation.





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